The Best Gifts To Put On Your Christmas List 2019

By now it's more than likely that you've been asked what you want for Christmas this year from both family and friends, and if like me your response is "let me think about it" then see this as a blog post written with you in mind. 

More than ever before we buy what we need as and when we need it and while our head is thinking about what to buy others for Christmas it can be tricky to know what to put on our own Christmas list, even if it's vague to allow for a semi-surprise come the big day. But creating a Christmas list however old you are can be a wise thing to do! It takes the stress off the person wanting to buy you a gift and you know you will receive something you like rather than something that's destined for a drawer or dare I say it; the present cupboard (we are all aware of this method of recycling unwanted gifts, right?). 

So without further ado, here is a relaxed gift guide of sorts with suggestions of what you may possibly want to ask Santa for this year!

This post includes affiliate links and gifted items. 

Your Favourite Fragrance 
Asking for one of your favourite fragrance is one of the safest Christmas gifts. It's also nice because it gives the gift giver flexibility with price, depending on whether they want to go for anything from a travel size bottle to a gift set or even a 100ml sized EDP! But if you do like a surprise then it may be a nice idea to ask for a fragrance from a brand you already like, rather than suggesting a specific perfume. For me, this would be any fragrance from Thierry Mugler or Vikor & Rolf as I adore both Thierry Mugler Alien and Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf and I'm confident any fragrance from either of these brands would smell amazing.

Alternatively, miniature fragrance gift sets are lovely at Christmas and to use at the start of a new year. These are generally not too expensive and allow you to try out different scents. My favourite fragrance discovery sets for Christmas 2019 are - Molton Brown The Fragrance Discovery Collection (£32), Michael Kors Wonderlust Discovery Gift Set (£25), Mark Jacobs Daisy Collection Gift Set (£30) and Shay & Blue Precious Miniatures EDP Collection (£48).

A Luxurious Candle or Pamper Set 
I personally find after Christmas is a really nice time to wind down and indulge in a spot of pampering. So a well-chosen body care gift set or even a candle to enjoy while relaxing is well received. For candles, again you could ask for a set of smaller candles, which are nice to dot around the home or you could as for a single luxurious candle. A few brands that do candles exceedingly well are; Jo Malone, Woodwick (the wood crackle noise is lovely when reading a book or in bed), Neom and Elemis. 

The above-featured candle from Elemis is my personal favourite for Christmas 2019. Not only does the simple yet luxury mirrored silver jar suit any environment but the Elemis Joyful Glow candle (£32) scent is a wonderful mix of all things festive with smooth vanilla, orange and cinnamon. In fact, it's so good I keep moving it from my living room to bedroom and back again, depending on which room I'm in. A lovely candle to ask for as it's truly a perfect warming wintery scent to relax with.

As for pampering gift sets my mind instantly goes to Laura Mercier as they do the most gorgeous gift sets for both bath & body. A nice affordable option is the Laura Mercier Tres Riche Hand & Body Creme Collection (£30) as it contains four different scented body creams, including their delicious creme brulee scent. But on the more luxury side, the Luxe Ultimate Ambre Vanille Luxe Body Collection (£70) is such a delightful set - it is available in other scents at Laura Mercier counters, just not online. The set contains their iconic Honey Bath and Body Creme along with body wash and even matching 15ml fragrance - a luxury gift with everything feeling beyond decadent and dreamy. However, if you aren't one for asking for such high price tag gifts then Lush is amazing for a nice pampering experience still. 

Personally, I would suggest giving ideas of scent ranges you already enjoy, giving the gift giver freedom to pick out a product of two, create a scarf gift-wrapped gift in-store or a gift set full of treats! It's also worth letting them know if you prefer baths or showers so that you know you will get full use out of the products they pick out.

Other brands that do bath & body products well include - Aromatherapy Associates, Sanctuary Spa (their newest White Lily & Damask Rose scent is divine), Nuxe and Molton Brown.

New Jewellery
If there is ever a time to both give and receive jewellery, it's at Christmas time. There's nothing quite like seeing a small wrapped-up box or gift bag under the tree and then finally getting around to opening it. 

Of course jewellery styles are beyond personal so if you are wanting a surprise of sorts I would recommend being very specific in what styles you do and don't like and what metal of jewellery you prefer - even which brands of jewellery you like. But if it's a partner or parent is asking then I think on this occasion, especially as jewellery is such a personal thing it's more than okay to give specific links to different pieces you would like to receive.

Recently I have the joy of being gifted a stunning Luna Charm Necklace from the Estee Lalonde X Daisy London range. While the imagery on the website gave me an idea of how lovely the necklace would be, I didn't quite imagine how much I would adore it. Not only is the 18ct gold plate a beautiful gold tone to suit all skin tones but I really have been enjoying wearing the necklace at various lengths as both a choker and as a longer necklace. I've even discovered it looks pretty wearing in the wrong way round as the polished back to both luna charms is lovely and also subtly embossed with Daisy London branding. With all pieces from the Estee Lalonde collection, you also receive a lovely art print, scent infused bark and brochure, along with a gift box and pouch. 

Any piece from Daisy London would be perfect to both give and receive this Christmas but I do truly love every piece from the Essie Lalonde collection, especially the necklaces but then I am biased as I've been a fan of Essie since her Essie Button days!

A Newly Launched Eyeshadow Palette 
Ahhh new makeup at Christmas! For me, there is nothing quite like gathering up my just opening beauty gifts on Christmas morning and trying them all out in preparation for Christmas lunch. So while any makeup gift or gift set is welcomely received an eyeshadow palette you may not treat yourself to is pretty swoony worthy!

Top eyeshadow palettes this year include - Nars Mini Wanted Eyeshadow Palette (£26) - sooo sparkly, Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette (£58), Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes To Hypnotise (£60), Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette (£12) and Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette (£26).

Christmas is also maybe a time to think about updating your makeup brush collection asking for a set of makeup brushes, ranging from low-end but still good quality with Spectrum, Morphe and Real Techniques brushes to a more luxury set from Iconic London.

Your Favourite Beauty Products Re-purchased
Lastly, the most fail-safe option of all... asking for something you already adore but have run out of! This could be a makeup product, skincare or even bath/shower products. At the top of my own re-purchase list is Lush Snow Fair Shower Gel (I always need to be stocked up of this come Christmas), YSL Touche Eclat as I love it but I hardly ever buy it for myself and skincare - from a favourite moisturiser I've run out, Fresh Deep Hydration Face Cream to my go-to face mask; Fresh Rose Face Mask. Asking for a gift of something you already own or have run out of may seem boring but it's a foolproof way of receiving a gift you want and dare I say, from the people that tend to get you the wrong thing each year! 

Other gift ideas...
Subscription to your favourite magazine -  indulgent chocolates or macaroons - a spa day or experience -  afternoon tea - 3-12 month subscription to Glossybox - vouchers - newly released books - upgrade electricals - new electric toothbrush, new hairdryer -  cashmere socks - microwave heatable teddy -  acrylic makeup storage. 

I'd love to know if this post has been helpful and encouraged you to provide gift ideas to those that ask or even those you know struggle with what to get you for Christmas! 

Fee xo. 

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