12 New Beauty Products To Use All Summer Long

With summer soon upon us and with an abundance of new product launches almost daily I thought I would give a round-up of the best 'new in' beauty with summer in mind! 

From dreamy palettes to use all summer long (with or without a tan!) to light formulas and handbag cool-down essentials for those hot heat wave days to come. I've also thrown in a few new summer skincare launches I can't wait to try.

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New Summer Beauty Products 2019

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons Highlighter Palette (£25)
Over the past few years Urban Decay has certainly brought us some exciting makeup launches, but there hasn't been one as anticipated as this! Of course, you may want to be a GoT fan for this launch, but if you have yet to watch the HBO series it still may interest you for the glorious packaging and shades, alone. While most products from the collection have sold out, the Mother of Dragons Highlighter Palette is still available online and looks to be the perfect trio of highlighter shades for summer that can apparently be layered to create more custom shades. I also have a feeling they will work well on the eyes too!

Revlon Photoready Candid Anti Pollution Foundation (£9.99)
Described as an ultra-blendable and buildable liquid foundation, Revlon has launched a new base range this month, consisting of foundation, concealer and setting powder. While I'm personally not sold on the anti-pollution aspect I do like the addition of caffeine that will help to mask signs of fatigue and dullness, especially when going for a fresh summer look.

Revlon Photoready Candid Anti Pollution Concealer (£6.99)
Another product from the collection worth checking out is the concealer. Revlon has always been great for affordable base products and this seems no different (currently on offer at Boots for only £5.99). Again, with a lasting brightening effect perfect for concealing under eye bags and puffiness. I haven't picked a new drugstore concealer in quite some time but I'm now tempted to!

Nars Endless Orgasm Palette ( launch date TBC)
Launching this month is the exciting Nars 20th Anniversary Orgasm Collection, adding four new products to the Orgasm line-up. It may have all started with one shockingly named blusher that became iconic but now there's to be an oil-infused lip tint, liquid highlighter, oversized orgasm blush for true fans of the shade and the best of all; the Endless Orgasm Palette. 

The dreamy palette will consist of six lightweight, blendable satin-cream finish shades that can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips - perfect for an all-in-one summer shade palette. I personally can't wait to see reviews and swatches of this amazing looking palette!

NYX Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer (£15)
Next up, an interesting new primer from NYX that already looks like it may just be a dupe for Illmasqua's popular Hydra Veil Primer with the same bounce back jelly formula. Compared to other hydrating primers this kind of jelly/gel formula works exceptionally well as cooling, soothing and plumping the skin pre-makeup making it ideal for the warmer summer months when the skin is in need of a hydration base while not adding to oil production!

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette (£60)
Okay, so I couldn't resist including another highlighter palette... but in my defence, this has to the be 'the one' for summer 2019 - I mean just look at it! Available in two shades (Lightgasm and Lovegasm - I can't say I love the palette names) this is one perfect looking palette from Charlotte Tilbury from packaging to shade variation and pigmentation. This really may have to be my next CT addition to my makeup collection. 

The Disney Aladdin Collection by MAC
One for Disney fans here with an amazing collab between MAC and Disney! With a range of lip products, pigments, lip glasses and a x9 palette this is one exciting and stunning limited edition collection. I personally have my eye on the Princess Jasmine x 9 palette as I have a few of this kind of palette from MAC already and they truly are my favourite to travel with, I also can't resist the look of the shimmer shades to the palette.

With persian vibes that seems a perfect fit for summer -  this is Disney for adults done exceptionally well! 

Illamasqua Nude Collection Unveiled Artistry Palette (£38)
Talking of stunning eyeshadow palettes, Illamasqua has just launched a dreamy 10-pan palette for neutral lovers everywhere. With equal matte shades to shimmer this simply looks like a perfect eyeshadow palette for many and definitely one for the summer months for pretty daytime eyes.

New Summer Skincare 2019

Jake Jamie X Revolution Tropical Essence Spray (£6)
In the summer months I can't be without my favourite mist from Pixi; Vitamin Makeup Mist. Mainly for its scent but also because it awakens and hydrates the skin in a few spritz. So when I heard about the Jake Jamie and Revolution collab with this tropical essence spray I felt similar vibes. No, it won't fully hydrate the skin, that's what a skincare routine is for, but it will refresh and quench thirsty feeling skin especially first thing in the morning and on-the-go. I have a feeling this bargain mist will be perfect for the summer months! 

Pixi Glycolic Body Wash (£18)
While most of us have swapped abrasive physical scrubs for chemical ones when it comes to the skin on our face I don't feel like we can say for the same for our bodies. Which is a shame because AHA based skincare works amazingly well at removing dead skin cells and smoothing out the skin. However, the reason for this is there is simply a lack of products on the market when it comes to this kind of body care... until now that is! The genius' behind Pixi Glow Tonic have created a new range of Glycolic based body care - from body lotion, a physical and chemical based peel/scrub and a body wash. For me, I'm most interested in the body wash as using a scrub can be a chore so I love the idea that I could now be exfoliating with a normal feeling gel. It's important to remember however that if you do use any kind of AHA product to wear a good SPF when in the sun as it will make your skin more sun sensitive! 

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF30 (£18)
Talking of SPF, The Body Shop have finally extended their Skin Defence range to an SPF Face Mist. Yes, it's maybe not the cheapest facial SPF product on the market but this may finally be the product to apply over makeup throughout the day, especially in the midst of summer. 

As I've mentioned time and time again The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 is my go-to facial sunscreen as it's lighter than light and perfect under makeup - even more those with oily skin! Meaning I'm eager to try out the new face mist and pretty hopeful it will be as good as the essence!

Nivea Body Cream Souffle Coconut & Monoi Oil Moisturiser (£5.33)
Lastly, a new whipped souffle body cream from Nivea that almost seems like something you would expect from Rituals and not a drugstore brand. This is currently on offer at Boots for its launch and comes in two different scents, both equally dreamy and summery sounding. If you are in need of a new body moisturiser to apply all over after stepping out of the shower then this may be worth checking out. 

Let me know if any other these products will be going in your summer makeup bag. I have a feeling a few of them will be going in mine! 

Fee xo.  
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