8 Genius Zero Waste Makeup Hacks

From opting for plastic-free packaging to taking your own reusable bag when shopping, we have all become conscious of waste and the effect it has on our world. That being said I think we could all do with being a little less wasteful when it comes to everyday products we use beyond food packaging.

From re-purposing items, and restoring them where possible to clever ways to extend the shelf-life of products! So I thought I would start by sharing a few tricks and tips on how I recycle my own beauty products and try to help the zero-waste cause!

1. Reshape stretched plastic hair ties in a cup of hot water

If you haven't tried plastic hair ties (Invisabobble are the main brand) then I frankly don't know where you have been the past few years! Basically, you need to try them! But while I love them for keeping my hair up without getting tangled around a hair tie or snapping, they do stretch over time and stay like that making them useless. The solution - simply place them in a cup of boiling water and watch them shrink back in shape - literally as good as new!

2. Stipple glitter nail polish using a makeup sponge for opaque coverage

This isn't so much a no-waste hack, although it kind of is if you end up throwing out glitter nail polishes because the glitter turns out to be too sparse on the nails. Instead of painting the nails as you normally would, cut up an old makeup sponge into a wedge and stipple onto the nails. This way the clear polish will soak into the sponge while the glitter will still apply, giving amazing full coverage every time.

3. Re-use an old mascara wand to comb through your brows and tame baby hairs

Such a simple one here that can easily be done as mascara is supposed to be binned after 3 months. Mascara wands are handy for all sorts of things, but especially when sprayed with hair spray and combed through the brows or to tame baby hairs around the hairline.

4. Use broken off bath bomb bits in your next foot spa

A personal favourite here as I love a good foot spa even if it's just with a washing up bowl full of warm soapy water! This hack is perfect for bath bomb lovers as powder and pieces are always broken off in the packaging. I suggest keeping this all mixed together in a container until you decide to have a foot spa and then add them to the water for a heavenly smelling skin smoothing treat! 

5. Bring a dried out liquid eyeliner pen back to life by running it under cold water

While I don't recommend running mascara or any other products under hot water to bring them back to life (it will breed bacteria eck!), this hack is almost like how you would get a pen to start working again. You see liquid eyeliner nibs can easily become dried out so running just the tip under cold water can revive it in seconds.  

6. Sanitise and properly clean your Beauty Blender makeup sponge in the microwave

By now I think every girl owns at least one makeup sponge and so the chances are you will know the struggle when it comes to cleaning one. As they are delicate you don't want to tear it, but then how do you get foundation stains out of them? Well instead of throwing them in the bin you want actually restore them to their former glory while sanitising them - in the microwave! Simply fill half a cup with warm dish soap water, pop one in and place in the microwave for 15 second intervals until it looks as good as new. You will have to thoroughly rinse it but this truly is a brilliant no waste beauty hack! 

7. Repurpose bronzer that's too dark as eyeshadow

Another favourite here as it's a hack I've used with many a too-dark bronzer and actually often prefer it over normal bronze-toned eyeshadows. There's no explanation needed here, other than both matte and shimmer bronzers will work well especially in the crease of the eyes on bare lids. Such a pretty look for summer and an ideal way to repurpose a makeup product that would remain useless or in the bin otherwise.  

8. Refill empty pump-top skincare bottles with nail polish remover

Lately, more and more skincare brands have been coming out with makeup remover in clear pump top bottles and they are so easy to use! Place a cotton pad onto the pump, press down, and voila! So instead of throwing away the plastic bottle, I recycle it by thoroughly washing it out and then pouring regular nail polish remover into it. Of course you will probably want to label it so you remember it's not skincare but this makes nail polish removing easier and fun!  

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