What's on My Christmas Wish List 2018

It's that time of the year again, where I share with you my annual Christmas Wish List. I feel it's become somewhat of a tradition on my blog before the flurry of festive posts and to signal my own festive-mood has kicked in.

It also helps me decide exactly what I'd love to receive, especially for those that ask me what I want!

Please also see this as a kind of gift guide for yourself and others as there are some lovely gift ideas here I think or if not, may just introduce you to brands or websites you've never heard of before. Also, we all know that every gift set imaginable will be discounted the second after Christmas Day so if you truly love something and aren't cheeky enough to ask a family member or friend for it then it's worth earmarking the page to revisit and check the price come the post Christmas sales!

From makeup and skincare (obvs) to books and cosy items, here is my Christmas wish list for 2018!

I feel like receiving a toiletry/skincare gift set at Christmas is mandatory and while there's a lot of budget options out there for a little more money you can pick up something that's amazing value with a worth much more than the set itself.

One of the gift sets this year that achieves exactly that is Origins Our Best of The Best (£32.00) which includes 2 full-size products (worth £31! ) and 5 decent sized minis. This set went straight on my Christmas Wish List as I've used both full-size products in this set, the Origins Spot Remover and Ginzing Gel Moisturiser, for years and adore them, and because I love the look of the rest of the products, especially the two face masks.

I was oh so tempted to treat myself to this gift set on Black Friday, however, I resisted as I know I will get more excitement unwrapping it on Christmas day and trying out the products that morning - anyone else love trying out their new gifts as soon as you've finished breakfast?

Keeping with skincare, an item that I've been considering trying out for months that would make an ideal smaller gift. Now I haven't a clue how well this kind of stone facial rollers performs however looking at reviews of this specific £12 budget-friendly offering tells me it's a nice extra step if you love skincare and that it's also very relaxing. This one is also small enough for the under eye area to reduce puffiness but of course, there's no reason you can't use it over the entire face.

Beauty tools can be hit and miss however jade rollers have been around for some time now and I think it's time to add one to my own skincare routine. So hopefully this will be in my stocking this year, much to the confusement of my boyfriend no doubt!

For me, it isn't Christmas without new eyeshadow, simply because I'm beauty obsessed and can't get enough of new eyeshadow shades to add to my collection, so of course, I have to add a few to my Christmas wish list!

The first is a few Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pans to add to my magnetic Z palette as I created a custom palette with Makeup Geek eyeshadows a few years back and still love and use it to this day. Across matte, shimmer and foil formulas MG single shadows perform so so well and compared to say Anastasia single eyeshadow pans are such a bargain! My favourite finish has to be the foiled shadows as they are truly pigmented and beautiful (just Google search 'Makeup Geek Flame Thrower' and you will see exactly what I mean) so all three shades, Magic Act, Curtain Call and Nostalgic as foil finishes and I already know will be staples in my Makeup Geek custom palette.

I also have the new Too Faced Sugar Cookie Eyeshadow Palette firmly on my Christmas list as this was a palette I knew I needed as soon as it launched a few months back! Too Faced palettes are some of my most used makeup items and with the addition of being lightly scented for no reason at all along with the cute packaging, I just love them! I really hope to find this small but perfectly packaged palette under my tree this year!

Next up, a pair of cosy but cute pyjamas - because no Christmas wish list is complete without comfy loungewear or pyjamas, right?

This year my only requirement is that my new Christmas eve pyjamas are Disney themed, oh and snuggly! Which isn't much to ask as so many stores now have Disney merchandise. I've seen so many pairs I like in Asda, Tesco and even Amazon but my favourite pair is these gorgeous brushed cotton ones from the Cath Kidston x Disney Snow White Collection which are both available from the Disney store and Cath Kidston. The design gives me such childhood vibes with the muted colours and little illustrations. Any other Disney themed presents are also very much welcome!

Oh and keeping with the cosy theme, I've totally asked for a heated blanket this year after looking at them on Amazon. This seems a perfect present for me as I work from home and has a circulation disorder that means I'm always cold! Bring on all the warm cosy presents this year!

Another gift set I have on my Christmas wish list this year is not so surprisingly one from Lush. Every year, like a lot of fans of body care, I receive a selection of Lush products and it's another thing that has become a bit of a tradition and makes me feel extra Christmassy when opening.

The set I have my eye on this year is the perfectly packaged Dreaming of Christmas gift set; containing Sugar Plum Fairy Body Scrub, Sleepy Shower Gel and Snow Fairy Body Conditioner - a totally festive and cosy trio. Not only is this set perfect for non-bath lovers or those like me that simply don't have a bath but also great for someone that loves the Snow Fairy scent that comes out each Christmas.

Lush have endless gift sets this year so it's worth looking on their website and then hinting at what you would like to family members & friends!

If you spotted the sparkly ring and thought of a possible Christmas engagement then think again! For a few months now I've been thinking it would be nice to wear a more expensive ring for special occasions as I'm not someone that wears jewellery every day. I would leave this down to my boyfriend and I still might, however, I do love this Pandora Teardrop ring as it's elegant but quite a statement piece. If you have any ideas of where best to look for pretty rings then please let me know!

Another gift I've already asked for is this lovely Whittard's Twist of Summer Gift Box that contains four flavoured instant teas. As a non-tea drinker, I find I don't even like traditional fruit tea, loose or in teabags. However, one brand of tea I've always loved is that of Whittard's. It isn't the cheapest but I always have atleast one tub of my favourite flavours which are Turkish Apple & Dreamtime tea in my cupboard at any one time - so it's great this gift set contains both!

If you drink a lot of hot drinks in wintertime or you know someone that does then this set or a Whittards hot chocolate set (they do the best white hot chocolate!) really make perfect gifts.

Lastly, it wouldn't be a Christmas wish list post without a few books that I've been wanting to read. The first is without a doubt a book I wouldn't buy myself and feels like more of a gift. The book I'm talking about is the Anna Bond (of Rifle Paper Co) illustrated edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Not only do I love Anna Bond's illustrations but this hardback copy of such a classic story is something I know I will treasure and keep forever.

Tell The Machine Goodnight and I'm Thinking of Ending Things are both books I've read samples of on my Kindle and definitely want to read, ideally over the Christmas period. If you have any book recommendations for me I'd love to know because what is Christmas without a stack of new books to enjoy?

I really hope you've enjoyed reading what's on my own Christmas list this year. Feel free to share with me what you are looking forward to receiving this year!

Fee xo.

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