Coming up Roses: 5 Rose Beauty Products to Fall in Love With

Anti-inflammatory and calming in nature rose as an ingredient is often found in skincare for both the face and body. From rosewater based toners to luxury bath oils, rose based products can be found all over my bathroom so today I wanted to share five floral favourites with you.

Below, you will find a mix of rose scented and infused skincare and body products that really do stand out to me and have mostly been repurchase at some point. I hope you find a few items you love the look of here!

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser 
£15 Glossier HERE 

On launch, Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser received a lot of love for being an effective yet mild face cleanser, although not to be confused with a makeup removing cleanser. For me, the low-ph gentle face wash is a pretty simple product that's intended to be used first thing in the morning on bare skin and/or after using an oil-based cleanser at night.

While I still dabble in other face washes, because I love skincare, Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser always gets a look in as it's non-offensive and importantly PH-balanced. I also like the milky gel consistency and the light rose scent, which comes from the cleanser being rose water based and does add a nice touch. All in all, I'm glad I picked up Glossier's only cleanser and have re-purchased it. You can find my full review of Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser here.

Fresh Rose Face Mask 
£52.00 John Lewis HERE 

Another more premium rose base skincare product I've been thoroughly enjoying for some months now is the Fresh Rose Face Mask, in fact all of their rose base products are stunning, as a soothing yet plumping treat for my skin. Created using real rose petals this very much feels like a homemade product done well as the scent, texture and formula all feel very natural. But for me, the main reason to love this face mask is due to it's cooling and hydrating properties which make it beyond enjoyable to use especially when the skin is in need of hydration or just a pamper. 

The other benefit of this face mask is that it both brightens and plumps the skin making it ideal for before makeup or when you want your skin to look its best. You can also find this wonderful face mask for a discount at World Duty Free here.  

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel 
£11.95/250g LUSH  

If you love shower products then you have more than likely have tried a Lush shower gel before. They come in the wide array of scents and I personally can't get enough of them for this reason. My favourite scent, however, is Rose Jam which I'd describe as a sweetened sticky rose scent that smells natural and lingers on the skin. 

Perfect for summertime showers this shower gel is the ideal if you want something different and comforting. It also leaves the skin clean and soft. 

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 
£16.95 LUSH HERE  

Another Lush favourite is Ro's Argan Body Conditioner that although similar to the Rose Jam scent is combined with argan oil and cocoa butter making for a much richer scent. This is a product again to be used in the shower but as an in-shower body moisturiser than you apply and wash off before stepping out of the shower. While the body conditioner initially feels tacky on the skin it soon soaks in to nourish while leaving a wonderful scent behind and the skin beyond hydrated. 

Although this is a pricey product to pick up from Lush I have found it can be often found in Lush gift sets in a smaller 45g tub. Well worth trying!

REN Moroccan Rose Gold Glow Perfect Dry Oil 
£27.00 Look Fantastic HERE  

Described as a luxurious rose otto body oil this product is the most indulgent body product I own as it just feels and smells so wonderful on the skin. Ideally used after stepping out of the bath or shower the dry oil never leaves the skin too greasy but moisturised and silky. The scent is also something I really love about this product as rose otto mixed with various skin nourishing oils creates a luxurious and relaxing scent that is truly dreamy especially at night before sleeping. Another wonderful product worth the spend and one I will always repurchase. 

Let me know if you also love rose scented products and your own favourites as I'm always on the lookout out new products to try! 

Fee xo.

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