Why Everyone Is Suddenly Obsessed With This Face Wash

Dubbed the 'one face wash to rule them all' this £15 face cleanser has been receiving some rave reviews online.

Basic in packaging and formula I thought it was time to find out why this newly launched to the UK product has been receiving all the love lately! 

Rewind to the beginning of 2015, In The Gloss, owner by Glossier founder, Emily Weiss, asked their loyal and skincare loving readers to describe their dream fash wash in hopes of creating in their own words "the best darn cleanser the world has ever seen". And comment they did, with 350+ readers sharing what they wanted to see from a face cleanser. 

Did they achieve their goal of 'best darn cleanser the world has ever seen'? Maybe so! 

Enter Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

The cleanser for all skin types -  a cleanser free from sulphates (and all derivatives), parabens and mineral oils and importantly PH-balanced to leave the skin in a normal non-tight or dried out state after use. The cleanser that will basically keep your skin happy! 

Designed to be the ultimate everyday face wash this creamy gel formula that glides over the skin can be used on both wet and dry in the morning to refresh and mildly clean and as your 2nd cleanse when double cleansing in the evening. Although I'd personally recommend not as your main cleanser as Glossier would suggest as it just doesn't cut it when removing full makeup...it is a face wash after all. Probably my own criticism of how Glossier have marketed this product. 

Having used this for over 2 weeks now and previously having tried a sample before Glossier launched in the UK, I can say they have done a very good job! Yes, it's no-frills, although can you call a cleanser that's been specifically formulated to be PH-balanced 'no frills', that's exactly what our skin needs... a cleanser that can wash the face effectively without altering it or affecting it in a negative way. I would even say that when using it as your 2nd cleanse it can be simply washed off with water and there isn't a need for a flannel or muslin cloth. 

As for the rose scent, I'm personally indifferent as it's pleasant enough and important natural occurring from the rose water so won't aggravate those with sensitive skin. I can also understand why Glossier wanted to make the cleanser scented as without it I think far too many would consider it too basic of a product!

On my own oily/combination skin type and normal to even dry skin types this facial cleanser should leave the skin feeling normal and pleasant after us. However, those with extremely dry skin or with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis may find it drying. 

Overall I think Glossier have created one of the most universally friendly face cleansers on the market to date. A lot can be taken from this gentle yet effective approach to skin washing!

You can find Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser for £15 (177ml) HERE 

Fee xo.

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