11 Bizarre Beauty Facts You'll Never Believe

For the past two years, I've scoured the Internet to bring a series of bizarre beauty facts to Makeup Savvy. These have been some of my most favourite posts to put together as not only do you all seem to find them interesting but I love research part of these posts! 

Below, I have one last bizarre beauty facts post for you before I wrap up this series. If you want to go back and discover even more beauty facts that may surprise you, you can find them all here.

1. While the appeal of baby soft skin may be strong using an electronic exfoliating brush can actually cause micro tears to the skin due to the pressure and harshness of the bristles. Chemical exfoliation all the way then!

2. Fans of Egyptian Magic cream will be interested to know that the all-purpose cream comes with quite a magic history. In 1986 the to-be founder was sitting in a New York diner when a mysterious man who went by the name of Dr. Imas approached him saying "Brother, the Spirit has moved me to reveal something to you.” Over the next two years, Dr. Imas visited the creams founder, Mr. Howard, and showed him how to make a skin cream from olive oil, beeswax, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. Dr. Imas claimed it was the exact formula for a cream found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

3. The founder of Maybelline, Tom Lyle Williams, named the brand after his sister Mabel, who used to make her lashes look thicker and darker by using a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust.

4. In 1978 NASA Engineers wrongly assumed women astronauts would want to bring makeup into space so they went ahead and designed a makeup kit specifically for space missions. The prototype makeup kit included room for mascara, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, eye makeup remover, and lip gloss but was never actually sent into space.

5. While Kate Middleton's outfits cause clothing items to sell out there isn't much chance of that happening in the nail polish department. As part of her royal duties, Katie must only sport natural looking nails at all public appearances. So we won't be seeing any manicures matching her outfits anytime soon.
6. While a lot of beauty fans call NYX "N-Y-X" it is in fact pronounced "niks" after Nyx, an ancient Greek goddess of the night.

7. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your body. It's as thin as a few sheets of paper and is in fact two thirds finer than the rest of the face. Which is why it makes sense to use different targeted skincare products to the rest of your face!

8. In 1953 Estee Lauder's first fragrance, Youth Dew, was an instant hit due to Lauder "accidentally" dropping a bottle at Galeries Lafayette in Paris so customers could smell it (and want to buy it).

9. Remember my previous fact about Coty's Sally Hanson seeming like a made-up person? Well, it seems that the brand has finally found Sally and her history! According to Coty "Who is Sally Hansen?" was among the most searched inquiries on the internet in 2016. So apparently the current vice president of Sally Hansen and his team set to work, discovering that Sally Hansen, nee Finney, started off her career working at La Finne Cosmetics, her family's store. Which in 1935 she converted the business into House of Hollywood which she eventually took national. From there, Sally Hansen trademarked "Hard As Nails" nail treatment which is still one of the brand's best-selling products to date!

10. The famous Chanel No.5 perfume got its name because Coco Chanel approved and preferred the fifth sample that perfumer Ernest Beaux developed for her.

11. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is censored in Saudi Arabian Sephora stores to Better Than Love Mascara. Nars Orgasm can also sometimes be seen going by simply 'O'.
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