10 More Beauty Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Being a huge fan of all things beauty related I shared with you 10 interesting beauty facts a few months ago and as I had a good response I thought I'd make a similar post, again with some lesser know makeup and skincare facts some of which are pretty mind-blowing! 

Below you will find 10 interesting and slightly crazy beauty facts!

1. The founders of Benefit, Jean and Jane Ford, created their very first product, Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain, as a nipple tint for exotic dancers in 1976 in their small shop in San Francisco - saucy!

2. Drinking champagne (or anything containing bubbles) while wearing lipsticks may make the drink go flat! The ingredients that cause the problem are primarily the oils and the silicones in the lipstick. Certain silicones are actually used as anti-foaming agents which are specifically designed to break up bubbles... who knew! 

3. St Ives Apricot Scrub is currently being sued for $5m (approx £4m). For the product being "unfit to be sold or used as a facial scrub". Hands up if this scrub was your main face exfoliator as a teen!

4. On calculation, the ends of shoulder-length hair are around 2 years old. No wonder I struggle with split ends?!

5. Coty still won't admit that Sally Hansen is still a totally fictitious person! Find out what I'm going on about here.

6. The very first mascara was created in the 19th century by Eugene Rimmel (of Rimmel cosmetics) and today the word 'Rimmel' translates to mascara in many Mediterranean languages.

7. While all other cosmetics were rationed in Great Britain during WWII, lipstick was kept in production because Winston Churchill felt it boosted morale. I know... really?

8. Ambergris is one of the most valuable raw materials in perfumery, used as an ingredient with a smell that’s described as ocean-y and sweet. It also happens to be produced in the intestines of sperm whales!

9. Blood gives your lips their reddish hue. The skin of the lips is thinner than skin elsewhere on the body, consisting of three to five cellular layers instead of up to 16.

10. Neon nail polish is actually illegal in the United States and while many brands tout neon shades, their formulas don’t include the true neon colourant. Neon within any nail polish is not approved by the FDA.
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