Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Unicorn Elixir Review

When it comes to buying highlighters I have zero restraint. The more the merrier I say! So when Makeup Revolution very recently released 7 new highlighter shades (£6 each) all in liquid form I was happy, to say the least.

Although I love a select few powder highlighters, I'm looking at you theBalm Mary Lou, a liquid highlight is where it's at for me. Not only do I find they last longer on the skin but they are generally more pigmented and you have the option to mix them with your foundation or even body products if you so wish.

Deciding from the seven Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters was tough, and I'm sure I will be back for more very soon, but in the end, I went for something different with Unicorn Elixir. Because... it's called Unicorn Elixir, the holo packaging and having seen the dreamy swatches online.

The Unicorn Elixir liquid drops aren't like anything I've seen before, which is why I went for them, with an iridescent lilac reflective finish. However, unlike the 6 other shades that are more on the opaque side, Unicorn Elixir's shimmer/highlight is suspended in a clear base making the finish more glitter than a blended liquid metal. This was something I noticed straight away on swatching the highlighter. 

Due to this fact, I found the glitter particles just didn't blend seamlessly into the skin, unlike liquid drop highlighters I've used in the past. Looking harsh and more like glitter than anything else.

Full Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter range 

Unfortunately it seems I may have picked what I thought was the most appealing shade but in fact it's a shade that doesn't work as a highlighter. A glitter yes, that could possible be used for more creative makeup but as a liquid highlighter, no.

This was a bit of a let down as I did have high hopes for this particular shade, however this hasn't put me off as all the other shades that look like liquid metal are comparable to the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops (£34). So I will be picking up Champagne (here) and possibly Rose Gold (here) (£6 each) very soon. 

It's not often I feel the need to post a semi-negative review but I had to share my thoughts on Unicorn Elixir and let you know it's simply not up to par with the other shades in the new Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter range. 

Fee xo.

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