First Look at Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Collection 2017

As I eagerly posted the stunning Zoella Beauty Christmas Range (see my post here) I thought it was only right I get the scoop on the Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Collection 2017! Especially as I love beauty and homeware equally!

This year's Christmas range from Zoella Lifestyle certainly doesn't disappoint, mirroring Zoella's interior tastes perfectly while cleverly giving off a chic festive vibe. Below you can find the entire range and links to where to can pick everything up - right now! (yes, that's even the Zoella Christmas Advent Calendar!)

Zoella-lifestyle-christmas-collection-2017 (2)

1. Zoella Warm & Toasty £18 BUY 2. Zoella On The Case £6.00 BUY 3. Zoella Cosy Vibes Mug £8.50 BUY 4. Zoella Bits & Bobs Tin Duo £12.50 BUY 5. Zoella Stationery Bento Box £12.50 BUY 6. Zoella Cosy Christmas Reed Diffuser £14.00 BUY 7. Zoella Journal £14.00 BUY 8. Zoella Cosy Christmas Candle £12.50 BUY

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9. Zoella Cosy Christmas Sock & Candle Gift £18.00 BUY 10. Zoella Festive Cookie Reed Diffuser £14.00 BUY 11. Zoella This Is Your Year Desk Calendar £10.00 BUY 12. Zoella Weekly Planner £10.00 BUY 13. Zoella Festive Cookie Candle £12.50 BUY 14. Zoella Catching ZZZ's £20.00 BUY 

Zoella 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Overall this is a stunning gifting range which I know I will be picking up a few bits from! I have my eye on the Cosy Vibes Mug and I absolutely love the Desk Calendar with the 12 individually designed cards! So both will be mine ASAP! 

As for the first ever Zoella Advent Calendar I know it's going to make a lot of people happy this December!

However, I do personally think some of the prices are a little steep in price, such as the stationery and the single candles. But then again it is a gifting range and it will be in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots no doubt! But all in all this design and feel on this range is just spot on.

Let me know your favourite pieces from the range!

Fee xo. 
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