7 Everyday Beauty Essentials I Swear By

Everyday beauty essentials are something I don't think to mention often. I guess they are products that fly under the radar and although staples, they tend to get overlooked. 

But in fact sharing my everyday staples may just be some of the most reliable reviews as these are products I use day-to-day and have discovered through trial and error to find the creme de la creme.

Below you will find seven of my everyday beauty staples that I highly recommend trying out...

Hand Chemistry Pro-Repair Hand Cream
Mini 30ml £6.79 HERE Full-Size 100ml £19.99 HERE 
Over the past few years, I've started to really enjoy using hand creams applying one at least twice a day. My go-to that makes a notable difference to my hands is the Hand Chemistry hand cream which I buy the mini of as £19 just seems way too much to spend on a single hand cream, however much I love it! This gets reserved for when I've been washing up or my hands are feeling in need of a hydrating boost. The one I keep in reach, however, is a lot less refined but still does the job and smells incredible. I'm talking about the Patisserie de Bain Sugared Violet Hand Cream. I have quite a few of the different scents and love them all but this violet scent is just incredible. I sometimes even slather this on my feet just because it smells so good and of course moisturises them!

Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream
£2.09 HERE
Okay, so I'm definitely not loyal to one brand of lip balm... that would be crazy, right? However, one of my favourite lip balms to use both during the day and just before bed is the yummy Caramel Cream Nivea Lip Butter (I've sadly realised it's been discontinued however the Vanilla & Macadamia is just as nice!) along with the Raspberry Rose one. I've used these for years and highly rate them. I'm also keen on Carmex Classic Lip Balm especially in the colder months as they moisturise a bit more deeply than other lip balms. They also come in two limited edition designs thanks to Carmex teaming up with Skinnydip, so I have a cute lolly print Carmex pot in the original flavour that's a bit menthol and tingly on the lips. As for my essential for real chapped lips; Bepanthen Nappy Cream - try it and tell me it's not the best product for chapped lips!

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Rewetting Drops
£9.99 HERE
Since going between contact lenses and glasses years ago I got into the habit of using eye drops, then I came across a rewetting type gel which I loved but it annoyingly got discontinued. So now I'm back to using eye drops but the re-wetting type as I find them to bring instant comfort to sore or tired eyes and even help when I have a headache. There is nothing really that special about eye drops but the nifty applicator on this one makes for easy use and they do the job well. It's easy to forget about eye health so I'm glad I got into a habit of using eye drops in the early days of wearing contacts.

ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
£18.00 HERE 
Whether I'm tired or not I always give my pillow a spritz of this soothing lavender scented spray before I go to sleep. It's now become a bit of a habit but it really does encourage deep breathing and a find the lavender scent to be comforting. I also have the pulse point deep sleep roll-on which I will use if I'm having trouble sleeping on my temples and wrists, along with another few sprays of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for good measure. I've tried cheaper lavender based pillow sprays before but they just don't compare. This really does work the best and it's something I repurchase time and time again.

Dove Maximum Protection Go Fresh Pomegranate Anti-perspirant Cream
£4.99 HERE
Antiperspirant seems like the dullest thing to talk about, but it is an everyday staple after all. Before discovering this deodorant a few years back I would flit between whichever aerosol deodorant was on offer at the time, costing £2 max. But then for some reason, I decided to give this one a go, I'm not sure why because £5 for something to keep sweat at bay seems pricey to me, but I did and I loved it! Yes, I loved/love a deodorant! I've never been a cream or roll-on girl so it was a huge surprise to me that I liked it but unlike other smooth-on type deodorants this soaks into the armpits and doesn't feel tacky or even there for that matter. It's also a maximum protection deodorant like it states which is why I will spend £5 on it. A boring essential but one I'm pleased with!

Hopefully I haven't bored you with my everyday beauty staples and you've found something new to try here. 

Let me know if we use any of the same products! 

Fee xo.
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