eBay Bargains: 40 Items Under £2

With a huge love of finding bargains on eBay I thought it was time I put all my favourite ultra budget finds in one place! 

Below you will find 40 amazing bargains from stylish stationery to some of my favourite makeup brushes, all for under £2 with free delivery. Perfec as a little treat or adding to your watch list until payday!

99p eBay items (with free p&p)

1. Moon or Star Bracelet HERE 
2. Double Layered Crystal Necklace HERE 
3. Ombre Gold Washi Tape HERE
4. Strawberry Stress Squishy HERE
5. Rainbow Sticky Notes HERE
6. Nail Polish Remover Pump Bottle HERE
7. Fish Tail Fan Makeup Brush HERE
8. Mini Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner HERE
9. Nail Art Ring HERE
10. Diamond Jewel Ballpoint Pen HERE
11. Animal Keyring HERE
12. Feather Hair Clip HERE
13. Rhinestone Nail Jewels HERE
14. Dainty necklaces HERE
15. Rose Gold Eyeshadow Blending Brush HERE
16. Silicone Foundation Applicator HERE
17. 20 Makeup Brush Protectors HERE
18. Heatproof Hair Styler Glove HERE
19. Travel Perfume Atomiser HERE
20. Heart shaped Pegs HERE
21. 2 Purple Aura Lemurian Crystals HERE


Under £2 eBay items (with free p&p)

22. Be Brave Phone Case HERE 
23. Harry Potter Themed Cushion Covers HERE 
24. East of India Bookmark HERE 
25. Angled Fish Tail Makeup Brush HERE 
26. Large Silver Powder Brush HERE 
27. Quick Clean Makeup Brush Tin HERE 
28. Stork Scissors HERE 
29. Plastic Lace Trim Plant Pot HERE 
30. 6 Wooden Christmas Decorations HERE  
31. Illustrated Makeup Phone Case HERE 
32. Crystal Heart Keyring HERE 
33. Korean White Snow Jelly Mask HERE 
34. Makeup Stickers HERE
35. Tealight Candle Carousel HERE
36. Rose Gold Face Brush HERE 
37. 6 Decorative Rubber Stamps HERE 
38. Patterned Storage Caddy HERE 
39. Rose Gold Foil 'Love' Balloon HERE 
40. Garlic Press Grinder HERE

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