6 Ways to Achieve a Perfect Autumn Glow

As we are now officially in Autumn I thought it was the perfect time to talk skin! Not exactly skincare but how to achieve or maintain a glow. I personally love glowy, radiant skin at this time of year because not only is the lighting generally very flattering of a luminous glow but when paired with warm smokey eyes the overall effects can be stunning.

So with my love of glowy autumnal skin, I have detailed six ways to achieve perfect luminosity. Yes, highlighter can do any amazing job but I feel to achieve the ultimate glow you need to rewind and start focusing on the skin.

Use overnight chemical exfoliators

Opting for a chemical exfoliator over a physical exfoliator with abrasive grains can make such a huge difference to the skin and how radiant it looks. 

Although daily exfoliating toners are an nice option (Pixi Glow Tonic is a favourite) I much prefer to use an overnight solution 2-3 times a week. Not only are they milder on the skin but I feel like the results are better as the solution has all night to work and upon waking the skin feels ultra smooth and glowing. These types of exfoliators can also be applied 10-15 minutes before your evening skincare routine so there isn't a tacky feel and the skin gets the same nourishment while the exfoliator gets to work.

My two favourite overnight peeling solutions that are particularly good at removing dead skin cells and revealing the skins true radiance are The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% £5.50 HERE and Vichy Idealia Night Peeling Reduced £22.50 HERE, two products with very different price tags which work in very similar ways. This really is the first step towards achieving a healthy glow this autumn!

Pamper your skin with glow-enhancing face masks

Another skincare step that I like to do at least twice a week come autumn/winter is apply a glow-enhancing face mask. Select the right mask and it will perk up the skin and give it a glowing boost. Ideal for using before makeup on days you want your skin to glow and your makeup to apply well over a perfectly smooth base. 

A great pretty budget face mask I love is L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Face Mask £6.00 HERE but if you are looking for even better results then you can't beat The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask £17.00 HERE. However, my go-to premium face mask that gives the most amazing dewy glow is Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask £23/30ml HERE £56/100ml HERE. This face mask not only smells like fresh orange marmalade but it gently exfoliates the skin with its natural fruit acids and leaves the skin looking instantly vibrant and basically like you've just had a facial - really impressive!

Highlight the high points of the face

Although the most obvious way of adding a glow to the face I still wanted to touch upon highlighters, basically because I have so many favourites and love how highlighter looks on the skin, especially come Autumn. 

For me applying highlighter not only to the cheekbones but the high points of the face really gives a perfect all over glow. I'm talking highlighting the Cupid's bow, brow bones and even a touch on the tip of the nose, though it's crucial you don't over do it! Although I find liquid highlighter best applied with the index finger I like to use a fan brush for powder highlighters as they fit under the brows and dust the Cupid's bow perfectly. My favourite fan brush has to be the Spectrum Feel Fancy Fan Brush which is only £5.00 HERE.

As for favourite highlighters, whatever the season I will always love theBalm Mary Lou Manizer £18 HERE, this is a highlighter that gets mentioned online a lot and for good reason! However, I personally think autumn is the ideal time for dewy-looking liquid/cream highlighters. Although Iconic London Illuminator Drops £33 HERE is one of my favourite highlighters I'm inclined to say that it's worth checking out cheaper options first, such as new budget alternatives from Barry M £6.99 HERE and Makeup Revolution £6 HERE, both with that liquid metal appearance and with precise pipettes. I'm also a huge fan of Maybelline Strobing Liquid £7.99 HERE in Light Iridescent, as it offers such good pigmentation and looks amazing on the skin. When it comes to cream products any one of Becca's Poured Cream Highlighters £30 HERE are wonderful but if you are on a budget to may want to check out Lottie Strobe Stix £6 HERE.

Continue with fake tan for a healthy glow

Come cooler weather it can be easy to forget the fake tan or even bronzer. However, a lighter gradual tan may be a good compromise especially is you dislike pale limbs. I personally find I'm the opposite and prefer to apply a light coat of fake tan in autumn rather than summer simply because I want to look healthier! 

As I'm very fair skinned I need a fool-proof tan as mistakes show up easy against my pale skin, so I've thankfully hunted down some amazing ones! My first choice will always be Fake Bake Flawless Tanning Serum for Face & Body £29.95 HERE as it applies with such ease, doesn't leave you smelling like a biscuit and is mistake free if you apply it with a mitt. I'm also a huge fan of Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tan Oil £14.99 HERE. However if you don't want something that lasts then check out ThisWorks, for their Energy Bank Sun Flash £28 HERE for the face and Perfect Legs Skin Miracle £31.50 HERE (pricey but it lasts well over a year) which I apply pretty much everywhere, especially my chest and arms if I'm feeling in need of a bit of colour - another fool proof product! As for a budget options as I'm aware that all my favourite picks here are pretty pricey, you can't go wrong with Rimmel Sunshimmer Wash Off Instant Tan £6.99 HERE which I've always mixed with body cream for mistake-free application.

Add liquid highlighter to foundation and body lotions

Lastly, back to highlighter for possibly my favourite makeup trick. Adding a few drops of liquid highlighter into my foundation before applying it! It really couldn't be simpler but it makes such a difference to how foundations look on the skin. I've personally never found any foundation that claims to be luminous to be that luminous so I resorted to a few drops of highlighter into most foundations (the runnier the formula the better it mixes I've found) ever since liquid highlighters popped up. My all-time favourite highlighter to add into foundation is Iconic London Illuminator Drops £33 HERE in the lightest shade Shine, but if you are on a budget you may want to give Barry M Chrome Highlighter Drops £6.99 HERE a go as they look very similar.

This is also something I often do with body creams. Yes, all the sparkle! But the thing is as liquid highlighters have such fine shimmer to them it just adds a perfect glow/reflection to the skin with zero glitter! Of course, pump dispenser body creams work best (my favourite right now is Garnier Oil-Infused Nourishing Lotion - argan, rose and almond is such a dreamy scent!) as you can add a few pumps to the palm of the hand and then add in around 4-5 drops of highlighter and then mix and apply. Perfect for the arms and down the legs and also the collar bone area. A perfect way to add an all over glow in seconds!

I really hope this inspires you to embrace glowing skin this season! 

Let me know your favourite makeup and skincare products that give you radiant skin. 

Fee xo.

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