An Autumn/Winter Lush Shopping List

Lush have just dropped both their Halloween & Christmas ranges so of course, I headed to their website to 1. get excited about the upcoming festive seasons, and 2. decide what I need to try!

But while browsing I also discovered a few permanent products I feel I need to try before the year is out. Which is how this post has come about as I now have a shopping list of Lush products I want to pick up in the next month or so. Find below the new products that have caught my eye along with a few other autumn/winter pamper buys.

Buche de Noel Cleanser
£7.50/100g HERE
First up a skincare item from Lush's limited edition Christmas range! If I'm right in thinking this cleanser has been around before, so it's been brought back just for Christmas, however, I'm totally new to it and after trying other tear-off style cleansers from Lush I now really want to give this one a go. Bursting with seasonal ingredients and scents such as cranberries, fresh satsuma and even brandy I cannot wait to inhale this and give it a try out in-store.

Sleepy Body Lotion
£7.95/95g HERE
This is a product that I've been meaning to try for months now. Being a favourite of many beauty bloggers mixed with the fact I enjoy comforting skin products, especially from Lush, I have a feeling I'm going to love this lavender and oatmeal based body lotion. I can't wait to try this out before bed on colder evenings to aid a peaceful slumber!

Just To Clarify Jelly Face Mask
£6.95 HERE
If you didn't know Lush have recently brought out a new permanent range of face masks in an interesting self-preserving jelly formula. I personally love trying out different textures when it comes to skin care so these really do interest me. Out of the five new additions, I will hopefully be picking up FOMO as I love anything that contains zesty orange juice and that smells fruity and I like that it aims to brighten and exfoliate. You can find out what all the jelly face masks do here.

Saucy Snowcake Soap
£5.40 HERE
Snowcake soap got a seasonal makeover! Think the original creamy sweet vanilla scent but with a warming clove infusion and a new saucy layer of cranberries. This sounds like such a dreamy combination and as a huge fan of Lush soaps for both the hands and body I know I will be trying this out as the weather turns colder. It's also one of Lush's prettier soaps, with a cake-like layering and a festive cranberry top.

Rose Jam Shower Gel
£10.95/250g HERE
Rose Jam is back for another Christmas... and I couldn't be happier! This stuff smells incredible, forget the typical grandma rose scent and think uplifting rose mixed with argan oil and vanilla that's oh so luscious and soothing when lathered up in the shower. I do have a quarter of this left, which I've been rationing so now I can use it without worrying and pick up a new bottle when next shopping in Lush. Seriously, I wish my entire house could smell of the rose jam scent!

As you may have noticed there isn't anything here from this year's Halloween range as it's pretty much made up of bath bombs and bubble bars this year, which is great if you have a bath, but I sadly don't! So I think I will be giving Lush Halloween 2017 a miss.

Do you have your eye on anything from the new Lush Halloween and Christmas collections? Let me know! 

Fee xo. 

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