7 New Beauty Products Worth Picking Up From Boots & Superdrug

I don't know about you but I find the now normalised rate of new beauty products to hit the shelves each month quite overwhelming.

It's not to say that I don't appreciate so many exciting new products being available but it's easy to not know what to treat yourself to when you head into Boots, or similar. So having tried quite a number of new products recently and being impressed with many of them I thought I'd share 5 beauty, hair, skin care and body care products that I think most will get on with.

From an exciting new Korean skincare launch to an ultra brightening concealer here are a few new-in gems worth knowing about...

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Cream 
Boots £16.00

Recently Boots have picked up a few Korean skincare lines and I for one am excited by this! Korean skincare is renowned for its superiority especially when it comes to serums and cleansers. The Black Sugar range from Skinfood is now available to buy from larger Boots stores and online here and includes the above cleansing cream, face scrub and face mask.

Being a huge fan of creamy cleansers I was excited to try this pretty massive pot of cleansing cream that is pretty much the opposite of what you would imagine it to be - no sugar grains to it or sugar scent. In fact what you get is a rich feeling silky cream that has a pleasant lemony herbal scent. Simply applied over dry skin the cream melts always makeup and emulsifies further when splashed with water and massaged over the skin to remove more stubborn waterproof makeup. Unlike other cream cleansers, it can simply be removed with water or a tissue (possibly good for drier skin types) leaving freshly cleansed soft skin without any residue on the skin. If you are looking for a new very simple and comfortable cleanser then you may want to check out this one.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer Brightener 
Boots £8.99

Although there's nothing new about the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer, a concealer I've been using for the past year, there is a new pale shade addition. This may not seem like news but for all pale-skinned girls or those with dark circles, it's a time to rejoice because this baby works wonders! Unlike the original lightest shade which isn't that light if I'm honest, the new 'brightener' shade is and it's just perfect for brightening dark under eyes. The concealer itself is lightweight with good coverage and doesn't settle into fine lines. It also has slight pink undertones to it which neutralised dark shadows and reflects the light. If you struggle to find a light enough under-eye concealer then I highly recommend this one!

Lee Stafford Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite 
Boots £7.99

Moving on to hair care, there are new additions to the Lee Stafford hair range with the above Air (or Blow) Dry Cream Lite and Air (or Blast) Dry Foam. I'm normally stuck in my ways when it comes to hair styling products however as soon as I received these I noticed that they both smelt exactly like Thierry Mugler Angel, which I adore, so for that reason, I decided to put my beloved MoroccanOil Treatment aside and try both products out. Although I didn't get on with the mousse product, just too tacky and heavy feeling in my hair, I have been loving using the above cream product when both air-drying and blow drying my hair. The lightweight cream leaves no residue in the hair but tames frizz and adds shine. It also offers heat protection when heating styling which is a bonus. A really nice multi-purpose hair product.

Being by Sanctuary Spa Hibiscus and Coconut Water Body Scrub 
Boots £9.00

Boots have been adding to quite a few of these existing skincare/body care lines recently, including adding a new line to their exclusive Sanctuary Spa range. Being by Sanctuary Spa is about scents that pack a punch and includes shower gels, bubble bath, body scrub, body lotion and even mini fragrance mists in 5 different scent combinations. As I'm a fan of a good body scrub I've been trying out the Hibiscus and Coconut Water Body Scrub, which if I'm honest is a bit of a let down on the scent front but is a lovely consistency and just the right amount of exfoliation. So I will be picking it up in the Salted Caramel and Macadamia Body Scrub as the weather gets a bit chillier as I imagine it to be a really yummy scent. I also have my eye on the body wash in the same scent. A range definitely worth a look/sniff when you are next in Boots. You can find the entire Being by Sanctuary range here

Soap & Glory Face Mask Range 
Boots £3.50 - £4.00

If you're an S&G fan than you will most likely know that they have recently extended their skincare range to includes lots of exciting face masks, from pod-style peel off masks to under eye patches and of course on trend sheet masks. Although the entire range is worth your attention if you love to pamper your skin, I particular like the The Fab Pore Pore-Refining Sheet Mask (£3.50) as it has the scent and some of the same ingredient of the original Fab Pore Mask (a mask I already love) and is one of the very few sheet masks on the high street to target oily skin. I have a whole post coming up about sheet masks for oily skin later this month, but if you are wanting to give one a go right now then I'd highly recommend this one. Very cooling, nicely scented and pore clearing, this is a mask I'm happy to see in Boots.

Another face mask from the range that I've been enjoying is the Soap & Glory What A Peeling De-Clog Mask (£4.00), which to be honest is like nothing I've tried before. With two pods you technically get two uses from this mask, making it better value for money than the other sheet masks in the range and is actually quite fun to use! Expect a neon pink liquid mask that when set can be peeled off (and it satisfyingly does peel off in one piece) pulling out all the bad stuff from the pores and removing blackheads. With it being a liquid gel it's thankfully not as abrasive as pore strips on the skin yet still manages to de-clog pores, although you will want to moisturise the skin afterwards as it does leave it a little dry. A very fun and affordable mask!

B. Clean Sparkling Water Cleanser 
Superdrug £6.99

On to new in at Superdrug products! First up we have a rather interesting cleanser that should be in-store now, although it's not available online yet. Classed as a 'double cleanse' I have a feeling this may confuse a lot of people, especially as it states to remove makeup first. before using it So basically this should be used as your second step in your double cleanse to remove any makeup or cleanser residue and to leave the skin perfectly clean. As for the sparkling water element, it's definitely interesting as what feels like a jelly texture on the skin that soon turns into something that feels like water on the skin. I really can't say I've tried anything similar. I'm still on the fence about this cleanser, but I think we will be seeing more and more Korean inspired 'sparkling water' cleanser and this excites me! Is it worth picking up? I think if you like your skin to be totally free of all cleanser residue and to feel clean but not tight then it's worth trying. It also may be a nice cleanser to use on makeup-free skin in the morning just to give it a gentle cleanse. 

Gosh Lumi Drops in Gold & Rose Gold 
Superdrug £7.99 each

Although Gosh Lumi Drops aren't anything new, launching in 2016 with more highlighter-esque shades, they have just launched two new A/W shades with Gold and Rose Gold. Although I'm sure many will be excited to try the Rose Gold shade, which looks more of a highlighter come blush, Gold is a perfect warm yet highlighting shade for Autumn to give that radiance glow to the cheeks. Easy to blend and lightweight on the skin not to mention a product that will last you a long time this is a budget buy worth trying out, especially if you love liquid highlighters. 

So there you have it, a run down of quite a few new products that are worth spending on this month! 

Let me know if you pick anything up! 

Fee xo. 

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