The Dreamiest Beauty and the Beast Inspired Rose Makeup Brushes - Under £6

Along with eBay offering some of the most affordable makeup brushes the platform also boasts some of the most unique. This is something I've discovered over the past few years and I now own countless unique & stunning makeup brushes that I don't think I'd be able to pick up anywhere else. Especially at the low prices I find them at! 

My latest makeup brush set buy is this stunning Beauty and the Beast rose-inspired 5-piece  brush set that I picked up from eBay here for only £5.54. Which is just incredible value if you ask me!

Not only do you receive 5 eye makeup brushes for that price but they are amazingly made of solid metal, making them weighty and long-lasting. In fact, I really feel the weight to the end of the brush makes for a better application as you naturally hold them with a lighter hand and in the correct way.

£5.54 International delivery from China HERE | £6.39 UK Delivery (fast delivery) HERE

What's Included?

The 5-piece gold rose brush set includes only eye brushes (all full size). All of which include leaf detail, a solid rose tip and 6 diamantes per brush. Very Beauty and the Beast inspired I would say!

Brushes included - fluffy blending brush, angled fluffy blending brush, pointed detailed crease brush, angled liner brush, petite flat brush.

Detail & Quality

On opening these I really did marvel at the attention to detail and just how stunning each makeup brush is. I was also struck by how weighty they are! Each brush being solid metal and weighted towards the handle, due to the rose tip (comparable to the Real Techniques Bold Metal larger brushes in weight) and feeling very high quality, much more than I expected! 

As for the bristles, the two fluffy brushes are ultra soft and made up of duo fibres and could be used for both eyeshadow application or for blending concealer. The other three more precise brushes are still soft but firm yet flexible. I really can't report any oddly shaped or roughly cut brushes here!

Favourite Brushes

As I love a good fluffy blending brush I've been using both of the duo fibre brushes the most. However, I've been enjoying using the angled fluffy brush for eyeshadow blending on the outer corners of the eyes and I've found the other fluffy blending brush to be perfect for buffing out concealer under the eyes as it's so gentle on the skin. 
I've also been enjoying the pointed detail brush for smudging and blending eyeshadow along the bottom lash line to pull eye looks together. The angled liner brush has also become my fancy eyebrow brush which I use with a matte brown eyeshadow shade from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette that matches my eyebrows. So to be honest it's hard to pick favourites with this brush set as I've been using them all and really enjoying them.

If you enjoy reading my eBay posts then you may have realised that the rose makeup brushes seem similar to the Harry Potter inspired wizard wand brushes I featured a while back. And that would be because they are! In fact, the brushes are the same but with a different ferrule design to them. So if you like the sound of these brushes but would prefer something less 'cute' then you can pick up the wizard wand brush set HERE for only £5.99 (free UK delivery) - again amazing value for money! 

Let me know what you think of these Beauty and the Beast rose inspired makeup brushes! 

Fee xo.  
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