This £6 Face Mask is a Total Dupe for Glamglow Youthmud (saving £33)

For the past 6 months, I've been working my way through a stash of sizable Glamglow minis. I thought I'd have a favourite but sadly (I saw sadly due to the price) I love them all! 

From the one that makes you look like a silver alien to the tropically scented hydration mask and the one that tingles but gives amazing glowing results - basically, they all deliver impressive results!

But just as I was trying to decide which face mask to purchase full-size, they are all £39.00/50ml after all, a £6 dupe came along for Glamglow Youthmud; a mask I've been loving the effects of especially on dull rubbish skin days.

After reading endless news articles about the new dupe mask, though I'm aware they all copy each other, I knew I had to try it out for myself... so here is exactly what I think of the star of the moment £6 Glamglow Youthmud dupe!

Firstly, if you are new to Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment let me briefly explain what this power face mask is about! Designed to give a give a smoother, brighter complexion Glamglow Youthmud is a ten-minute mask that sets hard and tingles whilst on and exfoliates as it's washed away due to the natural pumice rock within in. 

The effects of this mask are instant, giving smooth luminous skin that feels renewed! This is why it's one of my favourites detoxing masks to use when I want to feel like I've had a facial, the results are that impressive!

The only downside? It's a slightly pricey £39 for a 50g pot, which I will be honest is worth it for how good the product is but it is one of the higher priced face masks around. 

However, if budget skin care is more your thing you will be happy to know that Aldi has recently added a very similar looking face mask to their popular and often sell-out Lacura skincare range.

Coming in similar outer packaging along with a weighty glass jar, Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask (£5.99/50g) already seems pretty good value for money even if it wasn't a dupe for Glamglow Youthmud. But amazingly it's almost identical in how it applies, dries and in the results it gives! 

Below find out just how similar these two very differently priced face masks actually are...

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment vs. Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask 

Formula & Scent
Both fast drying clay based mask with natural micro exfoliating particles these feel incredibly similar to apply, drying at the same rate (I use both masks on either side of my face) and soaking up excess oil if there should be any. 

The only difference would be that the Lacura option doesn't contain any unneeded pieces of green tea leaf, unlike the Glamglow offering, although it still contains green tea. Both masks feel tight and dry on the skin when set, cracking if you are to smile or excessively move your facial muscles. 

As for scent difference, they really are very similar again, so much so that I wouldn't be able to tell them apart by scent alone, both having a herbal clay scent which is pleasant enough. The biggest difference would be in the colour of the masks with Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask being much lighter and whiter in tone but this really doesn't change how it performs!

When it comes to comparing two very similar seeming products looking at the similarities in the ingredients is a must.

Within Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask there are 23 ingredients and within Glamglow Youthmud there are  32, with 11 cross-over ingredients in total. Which in my opinion is pretty impressive, especially as some of the same ingredients are the main components within both face masks - think kaolin, green tea, magnesium aluminium silicate and pumice.

As mentioned both masks dry at exactly the same rate and feel just as tight as each other and soak up as much excess oil on the surface of the skin. When removing both masks the natural pumice within both masks exfoliates the skin.

However, I did notice more of a tingle with the Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask which did surprise me! I should point out both masks are fairly stubborn to remove and aren't suitable for sensitive skin types. 

The Results
This is where I get excited... because from using both masks together for 3 applications so far I can say that they give the exact same results. Pretty incredible for a £33 price difference! 

Of course, I cannot say how similar or different the masks are when used long term, however, I feel GG Youthmud has always been an instant treatment style face mask to pep up the skin rather than a skincare product that gives longer lasting results with frequent use. 

Both face masks are ideal for normal to oily skin, minimising pores, plumping the skin a little and providing a glowing ultra smooth base perfect to apply makeup onto!

Now for the big question! Is it bad of Aldi/Lacura to create such a similar product to Glamglow Youthmud? 

I guess it depends on how you feel about 'dupe' style products. I'm personally so thrilled to have the Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask in my mitts... however I'm sure I will purchase other Glamglow face masks in the future that haven't been 'duped'.

Whether you are wanting a cheaper alternative to Glamglow Youthmud or you're simply looking for an effective detoxing face mask then I highly recommend the Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask.

As this is an Aldi 'special buy' I would highly suggest being quick as the mask won't be around for long. But if you're local Aldi is out of stock or you just can't be bothered to take a special trip for it, then eBay has you covered with quite a few Lacura face masks available just a little more money. 

Have I tempted you with this budget friendly face mask? 

Fee xo.

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