What's On My August Beauty Shopping List

As we have just entered August (how that has happened I do not know) I thought it was a good time to share with you what I plan to buy in the month ahead. From essentials to beauty products I've already sampled and possibly a luxury treat!

Zoella Gelato Shower Sauce £5.00
When it comes to Zoella beauty I can't say anything has ever caught my attention enough to buy anything. However, on seeing reviews of the latest Zoella Jelly and Gelato range, of which the packaging is very on point for summer, I think I may need to try at least a product or two. As I'm all about showers (not having a bath will do that to you) it's a toss up between the Shower Shake and Shower Sauce but as I'm so used to the liquidity of Lush's shower creams now along with enjoying uplifting scents I think I may prefer the Shower Sauce more. Of course, I have no need for yet another shower gel in my shower but hey ho!

Dove Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant Cream £4.99
A pretty boring essential buy here. Actually, I say it's an essential but I have a few standard deodorants that I could just use but I've decided I need to pick up the Dove Maximum Protection deodorant again because it's such a good product. Never did I think I would prefer a cream deodorant over a spray but after discovering this one a few years ago now I certainly do. Not only does this protect you really well all day but the product itself lasts for much longer than a standard deodorant and there no choking on deodorant fumes either! Slightly pricey for a deodorant but worth the extra spend.

Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Polish £7.99
Essie is my favourite nail polish brand and I'm always eager to add a few new shades to my collection... even if I have hoards already! I plan to pick up 'Ballet Slippers' not only because it's the most flattering feminine light pink shade you can think of but because I have a blog post planned for it. 

The Body Shop Himalayan Purifying Glow Face Mask £16.00
Another blog post related buy here... but also because I've decided I need to finally add this to my stash of clay based face masks. It almost feels like I already own this mask as I've had around 3-4 sachets of it, I even took it away on holiday with me, and I just adore it. Highly effective on oily/blemish prone skin this will have you glowing and feeling ultra smooth and clean. A great example of how far the high street has come with skin care, especially face masks. Another non-needed buy which I can't resist!

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Luxury Palette £39.00
With Autumn very much on my mind along with a penchant for Charlotte Tilbury products, I feel if I were to splurge on any one beauty item in August it would be this stunning quad palette. With four gorgeous wearable shades I know I would get so much use of it if in the autumn/winter months... my only problem? I own too many other beautiful similarly toned eyeshadows! I know, what a problem to have. If I do pick up this eyeshadow palette I will be sure to share it here, or even do a little Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection post as I own quite a few pieces from the luxury makeup brand now.

Lush The Comforter Shower Cream from £4.95
If you have read this post then you will know how I'm feeling about the discontinuation of Lush The Comforter Shower Cream. So this month I plan to remedy my sadness by stocking up on The Comforter for autumn/winter and beyond! I'm just telling myself shower gel can't go off - it can't, right? If you haven't tried The Comforter... then don't! Well, not the shower cream at least as you may love it just as much as I do and will have a problem on your hands as it will be no longer available soon. Instead, I suggest picking up The Comforter Bubble Bar, perfect for upcoming cosy autumn evening baths!

NYX Slide-on Pencil in Glitzy Gold £5.50
After recently picking up the Golden Bronze shade (I talked more about it here) and absolutely loving it, I now need to pick up the gold version. These are such creamy pigmented eyeliners comparable to Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils, staying put all day and keeping their pigmentation. A new favourite discovery that I think I will own quite a few of before the year is out. 


Let me know a few beauty treats you plan to buy in August, just don't enable me! 

Fee xo.

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