eBay Bargains #84 - Blog Photography Props

If you're a blogger then I'm pretty sure you will always be on the lookout for new flat lay props! But often nice props can get expensive and inexpensive gap fillers can be hard to find. So I thought I'd create an eBay round-up solving both of these problems.

Hope you find some backdrop bargains here!

Faux Eucalyptus Stem £6.80
Foliage and flowers make lovely blog photography props but the reality is they wilt and die within a number of days. So I like to opt for realistic looking faux greenery and flowers that I can also display when they're not in use. Eucalyptus always looks stunning in images so this faux option is a bit of a gem!

Textured Chopping Boards £7.99
Marble and wood chopping boards can be pricey and heavy so these small wipeable chopping boards are just perfect for displacing products on or propping up in a setup. My favourite has to be the rustic wood effect board.

Gold Pineapple Trinket Dish £6.85
If you love a cliche blog prop, I know I do, then you may want to pick up this little cutie! Not only will this work well as a space filler in blog images but you can use it as a ring/key/change dish. I love anything pineapple themed so I adore this! 

Zoeva Style 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set £3.49
This one of my favourite blog props as it's so inexpensive and the rose gold and pale pink combo works well in most flat lays. They are also pretty amazing brushes, so much so I have two sets - one set to actually use, and one for flat lays! 

Wire Micro Fairy Lights (battery operated) £2.95
Fairy lights work great in blog photos but they can sometimes be a bit too bulky and hard to fit around products so these wire micro lights are just perfect. In fact, you can even wrap them around products! Again I have two sets of these, one for including in images and the other just as decoration wrapped around some ladder shelves.

Gold Stork Scissors £3.49
I recently picked up this stunning pair of scissors and have used them in so many flat lays since. They look much more expensive than they are and really add interest to images. I've also had a lot of questions about where I got them!

Marble Sticky Contact Paper £2.89 here | £6.07 here
If you are shooting flatlays then marble contact paper is a must! The first link is to a very inexpensive single sheet that would fit an A2 wooden board (I opt for ply wood as it's light and cheap) or you can go for a roll so that you have extra. I really don't know where I'd be without my DIY marble board.

Wooden Love Ornament £6.19
Gold word signs are having a bit of a moment, which is good because they look fab in images. This little Love sign is both inexpensive and cute! 

Copper Mirrored Tray £7.99 | Silver finish here
If you are looking for an interesting way of displaying product then this little tray may just be perfect. With a mirrored bottom all products placed on the tray instantly look more interesting and photogenic I've found. The tray is also perfect for displaying candles on both for in images and the home.

Dried Rose Petals £1.97
Another perfect gap filler here than I couldn't be without in my blog props stash. A small inexpensive bag of these stunning dried petals is more than enough and instantly prettifies all flatlays I've found. 

Let me know what your favourite eBay finds are here! 

Fee xo.

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