5 Upcoming Beauty and Style Trends To Look Forward To This Autumn

All though it may not be time to store away our summer wardrobe just yet, Autumn is just around the corner... and I for one couldn't be happier about this fact.

A chill in the air is a perfect time for a fresh start of sorts, along with embracing new trends. Now I personally don't follow/believe in trends set by designer brands and fed to us by the likes of Vogue. Instead, I prefer to look at what we are seeing more of, that wasn't around a few months ago. So here I've put together 5 upcoming product trends, both in fashion and beauty, that I think we will be seeing much more of this Autumn.


Face Mask Pods
Although sheet masks may stay a popular choice, more and more pod style face masks are popping up. Could it be the end of sachet face masks? Maybe so! These easy to use face mask pods give enough product for one application and instead of struggling with a sachet you can simply dip your fingers into the mini tub or use a face mask brush. Nugg (£3.99 each) so far has the widest range of this style of face mask, along with Face Inc (£5.00) but even Origins (£2.50 here - bargain!) and Soap & Glory (£4.00) are getting in on the action. My favourite pod mask for far is the Nugg Deep Cleansing Face Mask is it's non-drying yet effective. Have you tried a pod mask yet?

Makeup Pipette Applicators
The use of glass pipettes in skincare is nothing new but for the past year the use of pipettes in liquid makeup products has been growing momentum. This is part of a wider coverage control trend with the idea that a pipette applicator allows base products to be mixed which makes a lot of sense. However, I personally like that they give better control to liquid products so you only use what you need to. As the trend has become popular, pipette applicators are being used by high street and budget brands with affordable pipette foundations from No7, Gosh, The Ordinary and NYX. Pipette liquid highlighters are also being more popular with offerings from Topshop, Essence and more recently, Makeup Revolution. You can also find both lighten and darken adjusting drops from The Body Shop which I highly rate. My favourite base lineup all with pipette applicators is & Other Stories Satin Ivory Liquid Foundation with NIOD Photography Tan Fluid and Iconic London Illuminator to highlight.

Korean Inspired Sparkling Water Cleansers
Cleansing with carbonated water has been around for quite some time in both Japan and Korea. The idea being that the fizzy particles act like micro exfoliation, cleansing pores and removing dead skin cells. As I've never tried it I can't report on how effective it is, however, I can say that the trend has hit the UK with sparkling water style cleansers. The first of its kind in the UK is the B.Clean Sparkling Water Cleanser (available from Superdrug stores) and is supposed to be used as your 2nd cleanser when double cleansing or as I've been using it, on makeup-free skin in the morning. An interesting skincare trend to watch grow.


Tie Sleeves
I may not be a style blogger but it's hard not to notice that statement sleeves are quite on trend right now. From bell-sleeves to tie sleeves, I personally prefer the latter as they look especially nice on long sleeve sweaters for A/W. For thin knits with tie sleeves I recommend F&F at Tesco but for more statement sleeves ASOS is a good shout right now. The above striped jumper with tie sleeves is from F&F here or in-store. I think we may be seeing quite a lot of this trend come Autumn/Winter 2017.

Pearl Accessories
Pearls are making a comeback! Of course not real ones...because did they ever go out of fashion? And £££! I'm taking affordable jewellery with faux pearls to fancy it up. Again ASOS is the perfect place to shop this trend as they are awash with dainty pearl necklaces and earrings right now. I recently picked up the oh so pretty double pearl cuff bracelet from ASOS for £6.00 here and love it.

Let me know which beauty or style trends you are most looking forward to this Autumn? 

I know I'm eager to try a few more mask pods, especially the Origins Drink-up Intensive Mask Pod for only £2.50!

Fee xo.
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