What Do You Do When You Discover Your Favourite Product Is Being Discontinued?

Do you instantly stockpile it? Find a dupe? Mourn over it for a few hours and then get over it? What do you do when your favourite product gets discontinued? I want to know!

I guess it all depends on the love you have for the product in question. I'm asking this because last week I received some bad news. My beloved Lush The Comforter Shower Cream is to be discontinued.

Now you may think it's just a shower gel but for me, it's my one and only. Of course, I have many others body washes in my shower, I'm a beauty blogger after all, but simply put The Comforter is my self-care in a bottle. With its deep blackberry cassis notes it's perfectly comforting yet uplifting. I can overlook its runny nature and the fact the label always become tatty in the shower because it really is special to me. It's my go-to for when I'm feeling ill, the body wash I reach for when I'm taking a shower before bed and the scent I want to use to put me in an extra good mood. It's also a Lush scent I thought was popular... but to be fair I've heard even Lush in-store staff are a bit baffled by it. FYI The Comforter Bubble Bar is staying - thankfully!

So now you may be able to understand why the discontinuation of a single Lush shower product is kind of a big deal to me! But what to do now? I didn't think I would ever be this person but the only thing to do is stockpile! Thankfully it comes in 100g, 250, 500g and a very hefty 1kg but now I need to decide how much is too much and if Lush really is full on discontinuing it and not re-naming it for a launch down the line.

Can my savvy ways part with near to £30 on a single, albeit ginormous bottle of shower gel? I'm not sure but I have a feeling it will be needed! Expect an 'Ode to The Comforter Shower Cream' blog post when it's actually discontinued, I wish I was joking about this!

As for finding a similar 'dupe' product I really haven't come across anything similar in scent but I will be scouring the internet in hope of finding something similar. Of course, if you have any berry shower gel recommendations then please do leave them for me in the comments, it really would so be appreciated!

While I have my violin out I thought I'd share with you a few other long lost discontinued products I'm still mourning -

  • Cartier Delices De Cartier - Fragrances has a tendency to be discontinued but when it's one of your favourites it hurts! Delices is now a perfume I'm unable to get hold of and refuse to pay extortionate prices for on eBay - boo hoo!
  • Prestige My Longest Lashes Mascara - Sold in Boots this was truly my favourite everyday mascara. Sadly mascara isn't something you can really stockpile as it dries out so I'm unfortunately no longer able to buy this one.
  • Barbara Daily Long Wear Eyeshadow -  I was actually quite fond of the BD makeup range from Tesco so I was pretty gutted when it was no more. But the product I was most sad about I thankfully still have in my collection! These eyeshadow sticks simply feel so luxurious and came in the most amazing shade range that I can't believe Tesco didn't keep them around.
  • Naked shampoos - Another Boots exclusive that was sadly discontinued a few years ago now. It was my main source of SLS-free shampoo as it was for many others that I sadly believe went because the mass market wasn't ready for such a hair product line.
  • Sensodyne Iso-Active toothpaste - Yes, I had a favourite toothpaste and it got discontinued, arghh! Unlike all other kinds of toothpaste this was a gel and in a metal aerosol-like can. Quite unique but clearly too unique!

Feel free to share my pain that The Comforter will be going, or simply for other products that you have loved and lost. 

Fee xo. 

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