The Best Lip Formulas for Summer

When it comes to applying makeup on what I know will be a hot day I'm ditching all creamy, skin clogging formulas. This includes my beloved traditional style lipsticks and lipstick creams. I just can't stand the idea of having anything too heavy, smudgeable or drying on my lips.

But for me, it's not an option to go sans lip colour. I'd feel naked! Okay, slightly dramatic, but I would without a doubt feel like my makeup wasn't 'done'. However, there are thankfully alternatives, from hydrating stains that last all day to non-sticky glosses that you may need to refrain from eating! Basically, if you're like me in the heat and can't be doing with the faff of application/re-application or just don't want anything bothering you, then I've got you covered with a few budget to high-end heat proof offerings!

Benefit Hoola Box O Powder Gloss (£15.00) 
Strangely this is a product I don't often see on the internet and only seems to be stocked by a few online beauty websites. I haven't a clue why because it's a total summer/holiday staple and is one dreamy non-tacky lipgloss. Not only does this lip gloss look pretty damn lovely when teamed with Hoola bronzer, but I find it can be worn with any makeup look due to its neutral nature. Think a semi-sheer golden neutral nude gloss with teeny tiny flecks of gold running through it that make the lips appear glossier than they actually are and that bit plumper. It also manages to even out lip colour while still appearing as a sheer gloss. The smooth plastic applicator and silky formula also make it a dream to apply and although it doesn't last more than a few hours due to being a gloss, at least re-application is enjoyable. Oh, and it also benefits from a sweet scent that I can't put my finger on but adds to the summer vibe! 

Lancome Matte Shaker (£19.50 - 7 shades)

If you are looking for a non-dry feeling lip stain this summer then look no further. These matte shakers really do pack some punch in the pigment department and incredibly feel untraceable on the lips - my kind of lip product! With the soft cushion applicator, application is a breeze and depending on the pressure/technique you use you can go for a full on bold lip or an ultra flattering ombre look that softens around the lip line (my favourite look with these!). You can also apply the smallest amount to the centre of the lip and blend out with a fingertip for a flush of colour. Once dry, the matte colour is there to stay, not smudging or budging, and when fading does happen it's thankfully even. If you are considering treating yourself to a summer lip shade then I really would make it one of these - I currently have my eye on the gorgeous vivid orange shade!  

Too Faced 'Peach Oil' Lip Gloss (£16.00 - 8 shades)
Calling all peach lovers! Welcome these ultra cute 90's inspired peach-a-licious lip glosses! Okay, £16.00 is on the pricey side for a gloss product but with good pigmentation and a non-stick formula, these are edging more into the glossy liquid lipstick arena for me, while still feeling like an easy to apply and wear lip gloss. Other than the perfect nude to peach shade range and gorgeously fun packaging (the end squishy peach stickers are just so cute and 90s!) these are packed with a synthetic peach scent that smells so summery when applying. This is something you will either love or hate, depending on if you enjoy peach as a scent or even scent beauty products in general. I personally love the scent, so I actually have to hold back from re-apply too often! My favourite everyday summer shade from this collection has to be Peach Fuzz as it's a lovely peach nude that's flattering against my skin tone. But for a pop of colour, I enjoy Peach, Please! which is a lovely milky looking pink. A very fun range of lip glosses here that keep the lips hydrated and looking juicy.  

Barry M Boss Lip Gloss (£4.49 - 5 shades)
As not everyone has the means to or even wants to spend on lip products I thought it would only be right to include a good budget option. Having tried endless lip glosses on the high street I can tell you that non-sticky options are a rarity so this range of inexpensive glosses really is worth noting. Available in a range of sheer shades from a nude to a red in various scents, I own the beige-nude shade that is 'Thinking Outside The Box - 5' which comes with a moreish toffee scent. In a way, this is a milky toned down version of the above Hoola gloss, and a good all year round lip product that will add a hint of nude to the lips and a good dose of shine. I really need to try a few more of these I think! 

If lipstick is more your thing then you may be interested in my favourite Spring lipsticks which of course are just as lovely in summer. 

Let me know the lip products you love the look of here! 

Fee xo.

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