A Bargain On Trend Floral Embroidery Handbag for Summer

It's pretty rare you will find me wanting to post anything other than beauty talk or the odd lifestyle post here on Makeup Savvy. But on recently picking up the sweetest blush suede bag that was outside of what I normally would go for (generally black and simplistic) something changed. 

It's possible it has something to do with how photogenic this petite blush pink suede cross body bag is or the fact it was a bit of a bargain buy that made me want to share it with you!

Meet the KYLIE Bird Embroidery Cross Body Bag. My first Topshop purchase in literally years!

A purchase I made thanks to my favourite enabler, Lily from Pint Sized Beauty, who's blog and style I adore. Although I try to resist her enabling tweets, for the most part, I just couldn't resist this detailed blush pink/nude suede bag. Mainly because I was on the lookout for a new compact summer bag but because I just couldn't believe the price - £26. Since when have Topshop been so affordable?

First, I feel I need talk about the detail of this bag. I mean isn't the embroidery just stunning? I really do adore the swallow bird detail along with the hits of pink and then the teal leaves that balance it all out so that it's not overly cutesy. I also appreciate that the embroidery isn't confined to just the front flap but on the actual body of the bag so that there's still touches of it when the bag is open, as you can see below

The gold hardware again has been thought out with the main focus being on the part chain strap which is quite heavy and well made and just a touch to the front of the bag. The finish of the bag is a lovely faux suede feel in the soft blush nude tone that I absolutely adore... it's also thankfully wipe clean.

Also available in Red HERE, Black HERE both £26 (also in-store)

Although compact this is exactly the bag I need for makeup essentials, my phone, keys and purse, especially in the summer months. And this is coming from a girl that use to only go for oversized handbags! I've also sure this bag will work well as we head into Autumn with light coloured knits or even as an evening bag. 

As for how I've been styling it right now, I've found it goes with anything other than heavy patterns. Although even in summer I generally wear black a lot of the time and the contrast of a light coloured bag works well and really shows off the bag. 

What do you think of latest compact little blush bag

Also, let me know if I should post more style/accessory posts from now on! 

Fee xo.
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