Subtle Beauty Changes That Make A Big Difference

In a generation of 10 second Instagram makeovers going from drab to fab I think we can all fall into the trap of wanting to permanently change how we look. But thankfully subtle non-permanent changes that take minimal effort exist... and they can make a huge difference!

From brow tinting over micro blading to finding a staple lip liner instead of commiting to lip fillers, I've rounded up a few of my favourite subtle beauty changes that work wonders! 

Lip Liner
If you feel dissatisfied with your overall lip fullness or feel you have an undefined lip line thankfully lip liner has you covered. It's as simple as picking the correct shade to match your own natural lip colour so that you're able to slightly overline the lips and add definition where you want it. The creme de la creme of lip liners has to be Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner Pencil as it glides over the lips yet stays put for most of the day. Available in several nude shades I've personally found Pillow Talk to be the perfect match for pale-medium toned lips and Iconic Nude for darker lips. A truly perfect instant results product! 

Changing Your Hair Parting
If you're craving something new but aren't sure what to go for then I say switch up your parting! It takes seconds and you literally look like a different person - slightly strange but amazing at the same time! Whether it's going from a side parting to a middle parting or vice versa it's simple as using the end of a comb to define your new parting. But for more natural looking results if you love the look of your new parting, re-style on wet hair and you are good to go. I'm currently considering going from a side parting to a centre parting! 

Eyelash Tinting 
Done at home or in a salon eyelash tinting can make a huge difference to how your face looks makeup free! It can even change the way mascara looks believe it or not. Whether you're go from blonde or brown natural lashes, a blue-black tint you will see instant results. Think wide awake looking eyes with more definition. As for applying mascara, it won't even matter if you don't catch all lashes anymore as they will look perfectly black. Personally having fair blonde eyelashes I've opted for eyelash tinting many times and have always been impressed with the results. Highly recommended for summer or holidays you know you will want to go makeup-free. 

 Filling In Your Brows
This may seem like a basic beauty change but properly filled in brows can make such a difference to how your face looks - adding structure and enhancing the eyes. With endless brow products available on the market it can be a headache knowing what to go for but for a good staple product you can't go wrong with a double ended eyebrow definer pencil. I'm talking about the precise twist up kind that not only create realistic looking brow hairs to add fullness to the brows but can fill in the tail and perfect the shape. The spoolie end is also pretty handy for brushing through the brows to distribute product and brush them into your desired shape. My favourite for this has to be NYX Micro Brow Pencil.

Let me know your own favourite subtle beauty changes - I think mine has to be eyelash tinting... and/or maybe lip liner!

Fee xo. 

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