The Ultimate Summer Primer for Oily Skin

Come summer oily skin can become an oil slick under makeup. Yep, there will be no sugar coating here. By the end of the day foundation and concealer, along with most other face makeup can literally have melted/slid off the face. And that's without adding SPF into the mix!

So with these warmer days fast approaching I thought it was time to talk primers. Actually not primers, but a specific primer, that although doesn't do much in the way of diffusing pores it does extend foundation and concealer wear time amazing well and even has the added benefit of SPF 20! 

Available from: Superdrug £7..99 (on offer) HERE, Look Fantastic £8.79 HERE, £10.99 Boots HERE and £7.99 Amazon HERE

I came across this primer on a whim when picking up a favourite Max Factor foundation and decided to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer in Boots, picking up a new lip liner and this very primer to try out.

On first application of the thin feeling primer that instantly soaked into my skin leaving little to no residue I really couldn't envisage it working. It didn't diffuse, it didn't feel silicone like... it didn't feel like much. But come 5pm of my first use and I was shocked by the results. My foundation was still in place even around my nose and chin area, the areas I get most oily. I really thought my skin must have been having a good day and couldn't put it down the primer doing it's job amazingly well!

Since then this is the primer I use when I know I will be wearing makeup all day and want it to last. It's also my go-to warm weather primer that I'm not afraid of applying sunscreen under or even apply cream products on top of. It's literally been so a game changer! It's also amazing if you find silicone based primers break you out as this contains no silicones and is pretty lightweight and good on sensitive skin.

If you are like me and suffer from an oily T-zone which becomes sans makeup by 2pm or have oily/combination in general then make Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer your next primer purchase! 

It really will make suc a difference to how your makeup stays put and looks at the latter end of the day!

Fee xo. 

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