The Latest QVC Tili Beauty Box ideal for Summer

If you're a long time reader of Makeup Savvy then you may have noticed a lack of beauty box reviews in the past 6 months. The reason, I'm ultimately I'm over them. Well, I say I'm over them, but what I mean is I'm over the monthly subscription style beauty boxes. You see after receiving a few of the main beauty boxes for the past few years I've seen the same brands and products appear time and time again and I've also seen them become less value for money over time.

However, what I'm still open to are one-off beauty boxes where you can see the products you receive before purchasing and require nothing more than a single payment. These are the boxes I believe work hard to offer good value for money, fresh products, well-known brands and want you to love it so much you are eager for the next box! The brands offering these type of beauty box aren't as vast as the monthly subscription beauty box but include - Cohorted Box, Latest in Beauty, Look Incredible Beauty Box and QVC's Tili Beauty Box.

As you can see I have the latest Tili Beauty Box here, which is the fourth edition box costing £20 (free p+p) for 10 products. This is the 2nd Tili box I've had in my mitts, with the previous box getting a lot of use and love. With Tili standing for 'Try-it Love-it' the idea behind the box is to highlight brands QVC offer and give you a taster of them. So all the products you see here are stocked by QVC and often can be exclusive to them. With the box this time a little more makeup would have been nice, I will admit! However I am still pleased with the box and find it excellent value for money, which is why I wanted to share the contents with you!

What the Fourth Edition Tili Beauty Box includes - £20 + free p&p (here)
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Julia Farel Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner, Benefit Roller Lash , IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream, O.P.I Nail Polish (1 of 8 shades from the new Fiji collection), Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose, Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan, Erno Laszlo Hydrate & Nourish Cleansing Duo, Ultrasun Face SPF 30.

Favourites from the fourth Tili Beauty Box 

Benefit Roller Lash - As I've loved pretty much everything I've tried from Benefit I'm excited to finally be able to try out their latest mascara. I'm totally fine it's a mini as Benefit minis cost around £10-12 normally and come in decent amounts. This will be getting used ASAP! 

OPI Nail Polish - With a random selection of 8 available shades from the latest Fiji collection I was so pleased to receive a perfectly summery pastel blue shade - nail swatches can be seen at the bottom of this post! I'm also impressed that a £12.50 newly released and full size nail polish would be included in the box. This is currently on both my fingers and toes and I know it will be a favourite of mine all summer long. 

Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose Limited Edition - In the last year I've really gotten into exfoliating acid type products and my skin has really come to like them. This is a special rose edition of the cult Alpha H Liquid Gold which includes rose as an ingredient and comes with super pretty packaging. I will be ditching my favourite acid toner/exfoilators and giving this a go for the next few weeks. 

Erno Laszlo Cleansing Duo - Erno Laszlo is a skin care brand I've been interested in trying for years, but with a high-ish price points I've never committed to trying it... and now I can! I personally love facial soaps so I will be giving this mini soap, which should last a few months, a go first.

Beauty Cupboard & Travel Staples

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - This has to be the ultimate cream cleanser and a product I've been going back to for the past 5 or so years. It works perfectly on all skin types and gets the skin spotlessly clean without stripping it. This mini sample also comes with a handy muslin cloth to aid removable of this thick creamy cleanser. As I currently have a full-size tube on my bathroom shelf this will go into my travel stash as it's a good size, ideal for taking on holiday to effectively remove sunscreen and makeup. 

Ultra Face SPF 30 - Ultra Face is a really great brand for facial sunscreen. Think non-greasy or white casting! This is a good size tube for taking on holiday for by-the-pool face or beach touch-ups or to throw in your handbag in case of freak hot days in the UK. A perfect addition to this summer beauty box! 

Products I'm not so keen on
IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream - I was initially excited when I spotted this product in the box as IT Cosmetics is a brand I've really been wanting to try and I've heard many a good thing about this specific CC cream. However, this is annoyingly offered in one shade - medium, to the box and is simply to dark for me to use. A feel a lot of Tili box customers may not be able to use this product for this reason - such a shame!

Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan  - As tan brands go Vita Liberata is a good one but not everyone likes to fake tan and the people that do generally have their go-to brand. It's also wasted on me as I have more than enough tanning products for a girl that doesn't fake tan often. This will most likely go in my sample drawer and sadly not get used. 

Jula Farel Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner - Although I can't fault these two mini products and will use them at some point they are basically hair washing minis from a brand I haven't heard of. To me, these are pretty standard and dare I say boring products in what is otherwise a well put together box.

Is this Tili Beauty Box worth £20? 
This all depends on how much use you will get from the products. For me, definitely! I love quite a few products that when added up, retail for much more than £20. I wouldn't say it's my favourite box QVC have come out with, as I always prefer makeup over skincare, but with brands such as Liz Earle, OPI, Benefit and Alpha H I really can't complain!

As always I recommend snapping up the box sooner rather than later as Tili Beauty Boxes always sell out and are limited edition. So if you love the look of the contents then treat yourself ASAP!

Fee xo. 

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