Beauty Product Trends I Just Don't Understand

Coffee Scrub Trend

When it comes to beauty they are products you need and then products you think you need. With the rise of Instagram makeup trends and sponsored content now any old invention can become popular and desired by the masses! 

Below are just four products I personally don't understand... and I have a feeling you may be with me on quite a few of them!

Coffee Scrubs
Over the past few years I've tried to understand the hype of the in-shower coffee scrub. But my mind simply resorts back to 3 key issues - 1. You could just use coffee from a jar 2. It's hella messy 3. What's the point? I also fail to believe the caffeine in the coffee does anything in the way of 'pepping' up the skin. But really my main issue is the mess. Oh god, the mess! Why anyone would want to throw coffee granules around their shower (which is what you need to do in order to actually get it into the skin and for it to stay there for longer than 0.5 seconds) is beyond me. FYI if you haven't tried a coffee scrub it's very much the texture, feel and look of semi wet soil - and as messy! I also don't understand the inflated price tag, I mean £12-£25 for a glorified pouch of dry coffee, I think I'll pass. If you want to go natural, buy an organic body scrub or even better make your own! Just not with coffee! 

Glitter filled Bath Bombs
I'm all for magical looking bath bombs and if I had a physical bath in my house I would partake in at least one a week - because YOLO and "ooo, pretty"! But I sadly don't. However, I was fortunate enough to have my own in-room whirl tub on my last holiday and feeling over excited by that fact I stocked up on a few bath bombs from a certain well known Poole based soap company. With a chilled Lemon San Pellegrino in one hand and a summer read in the other I fully enjoyed my first bath in months (I do shower, I promise). That was until I got out and saw the state of myself and the whirlpool tub. Two words - Glitter. EVERYWHERE. At this point you may be thinking I'm being slightly dramatic, but when you have glitter adorning the tips of your eyelashes and other ahem, regions, you know you have a situation on your hands. I also had the issue of not being able to reach the bottom of the bath to scrub what was now none magically seeming glitter down the plug hole. Had I been anywhere other than on holiday I would have had to shower and scrub, alot, but I decided to rock it. This was probably taking the idea of body shimmer to the extreme but oh well, I was on holiday. So yes, NO to glitter bath bombs for me! 

Eyebrow Stencil Trend

Eyebrow Stencils
The idea of using a plastic stencil over the eyebrows, when the eyebrows are a natural guide in themselves, is a totally foreign concept to me. Anyone else feel like this? Of course in the name of beauty and being a beauty blogger I've tried quite a few eyebrow stencils from various brand but the cookie cutter idea just doesn't work. Of course if you want harsh, unnatural looking brows along with an awkard application, then go right a head... but why not just use your own brows as the guide and just tweak as you go? Another popular seeming product I just can't understand or get to grips with! 

Makeup Sponge Alternatives 
Thanks to the wonders of Instagram and YouTube we are currently going through a bizarre trend of experimenting with how to apply foundation... you know, because the cult makeup blender sponge doesn't do the job well enough...!! From using gel bra inserts, because they look similar to the silisponge, to a condom covered beauty sponge.. yes, you read that correctly! Not to mention dish sponges being using to blend makeup and errr, socks. The beauty world has literally gone mad! I have no words here. 

Feel free to throw in your own beauty product trend irks... the more the merrier! 

Fee xo.
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