Weekend Links: Pinterest Baking Fail + 13 Reasons Why


I'm always cautious about starting a new series on my blog, let's just say I don't have the best track record and have been known to forget about them a few blog posts in. But the idea of a relaxed post each weekend where I can share blog posts I've been loving that week, and basically whatever else I want, is something I hope I can stick with! 

I hope you enjoy this new laid-back link series! 
This week I've been....

Totally loving Tereza's honesty with buying fake followers to see how it all works. Whether you hate this new industry or you've been tempted to buy your way to ''success'' this blog post is certainly worth a read.

Adoring Rebecca's first post in her new style series. When one of your favourite bloggers branches out to other topics it's always exciting!

Fully enjoying sunnier days! With a major Vitamin D deficiency last year, which totallyed stucked, I'm determined to get my 15-minutes a day of pure glorious sun over the next 6 months!

I may have also been eating an Easter egg or two this past week, you know just to get some practice in before the big day HAH. Let's just say that Terry's Chocolate Orange Easter Egg is a game changer!

Staying with over indulgent but amazing food, I decided a few weeks ago that with over 300 pinned to my 'Yummy Food' Pinterest board I was going to finally start making some of the recipes! I guess pinning drool-worthy food is the virtual equivalent of reading cookbooks in bed. My first dish is going to be this delicious looking Creamy Parmesan Mushroom Chicken recipe tonight that I may just add spaghetti too - mmmm!

In fact last weekend I no-baked these White Chocolate Nutella Bars from my Pinterest account. I never bake (not that I'd consider melting butter in the microwave, baking) so it was a nice change! However, it turned out pretty disastrous! The sugar didn't dissolve in the butter, I haven't a clue why, which resulted in a very crunchy and crumbly slab of combined raw ingredients. I'm still trying to work out how it turned out so badly.


I've also been seriously lusting after for an embroidery floral bag for Spring/Summer. ASOS have some amazing ones... this pink embroidered number being my favourite, for now!

This week I took my first sweep over my stunning Milani Rose Blusher (it's love) and instantly worried about spoiling its beauty. Seriously, how do people use such pretty makeup?!

Talking of traumatic experiences, I decided to sit down and purge at least a quarter of my nail polish collection this week. It was hard but it needed to be done, with countless dried up polishes that I knew I couldn't salvage

However, I now have a more capsule nail polish collection (who am I kidding!) and have rediscovered some of my favourite cheap Essie nail polish (only £2.99!) from Fragrance Direct along with some cherished Nails Inc Gel Effect nail polishes which are triple the price but oh so lovely!

I was also productive when it came to blogging this week. I used my 3-hour blog planning method on Thursday to plan and write content for the coming week. It feels beyond motivating when you get so much done in a short amount of time, doesn't it?

Lastly, I finally got around to starting 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It's just as good as everyone has been saying and after 3 episodes I'm totally addicted. If you loved Pretty Little Liars then watch this gripping book-to-TV-series ASAP!

Let me know how your first week of April has been? Also if you've been on the Easter eggs already let me know... just so I feel a little less guilty!

Fee xo.
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