Really Pretty Makeup Without the Price Tag


I think it's fair to say if you love makeup then you can often be swayed by aesthetically pleasing packaging. It just makes it extra special, don't you think

Really pretty makeup products use to be exclusively within the realms of high-end/luxury makeup but thankfully affordable makeup brands are achieving some pretty amazing things in the last few years. Pretty makeup is finally for the masses!

Of course, most beauty brands don't go all out, especially when it comes to drugstore makeup, so I decided to pull together the main beauty brands that go the extra mile and consistently offer beautiful packaging along with quality products!


Ahhhh, Essence! A true budget makeup brand with some pretty lovely looking products, that also perform. Essence do makeup compact well with lots of embossed powder products that just look something that bit different and special for low-cost makeup. My only gripe would be that their amazing limited edition collection (which really are something special) aren't available in the UK but across Europe, which is such a shame. You can find Essence stands in Wilko stores or they can be found on the Wilko website. I also like to check out eBay from time to time find limited edition products and specific eyeshadows I've not managed to get hold of at an Essence stand. Essence offer some really pretty makeup that you just wouldn't expect from such a low-end brand!

Current favourite products: Essence Satin Touch Blush, Essence Luminizer Palette, Essence False Lash Effect Princess Mascara  
Price range: £1.00-£4.00


Italian beauty brand, Milani, is still fairly new to the UK and exclusive to Beauty Bay (free delivery over £15 orders!) here. The creative budget brand offers such stunning products for the price. For example, the exquisite blusher above, which comes in 6 different shades, costs only £12. You can also find equally stunning face compacts and products in black ombre packaging (as seen above). Along with their unique approach of embossed products, Milani really is impressive when it comes to quality; expect finely milled powder products and some beautifully pigmented lip colours. A stand-out budget beauty brand here!

Current favourite products: Milani Illuminating Face Powder, Milani Powder Blush, Milani Conceal & Perfect 
Price range: £4.50-£16.00


Kiko UK
Another amazing Italian makeup brand here that's very much accessible in the UK and available online. This is a brand I've loved even before it launched in the UK many years ago, mainly for the quality products but also for the often luxury looking packaging. In fact I included them in my 5 'Now in the UK' Beauty Brands you have to Check out post. Packaging does vary but their gold & gunmetal ranges always appeals to me, along with their limited edition collections that are always swoon-worthy! Their formulas are also pretty dreamy, especially when it comes to lip products!

Current favourite products: Kiko Natural Colour Highlighter, Kiko Two-tone Baked Blush, Kiko Creamy Lipstick
Price range: £2.90 - £22.00

eBay Makeup Brushes

Lastly, I just had to include cheap eBay makeup brushes! Since discovering how amazing eBay brushes are that's all I've bought! I of course still love Real Techniques, Zoeva and Eco Tools, however, select eBay makeup brush sets are of exact quality and come in the prettiest styles. I've included my favourite brush sets to date below that really are worth considering, especially if you've been wary of buying makeup brushes from eBay before. The rose gold makeup brush set really is perfect!

Current favourite products: eBay Unicorn Brushes (review)(10pcs white style 2), eBay Rose Gold Makeup Brushes (review), eBay Zoeva Style Makeup Brushes(review)
Price range: 99p - £10.00

There really is something about a beautiful piece of makeup that makes you cherish it and enjoy it more. 

Keeping with the budget theme I'd be interested to know the prettiest makeup product in your makeup bag! 

Fee xo. 
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