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It's not often I feel compelled to write about a hair trend. Actually, I don't think I've ever wrote about a hair trend in all my (7) years of writing Makeup Savvy! However, last week I came across the new hair trend that is 'Blorange'. And I simply fell in love with it?!

Now, it's maybe because it's the best made up word to come out of 2017 so far, or the fact I was totally fine with my brunette locks until I saw this dreamy peach/orange hue. Either way I wish I could rock blorange this s/s 2017!

Think of Blorange as the summer solo sister to rose gold hair.

So, as I'm oh so in love with this new hair shade and because it pretty much came from Instagram I thought I'd share my favourite takes on the trend from Instagram.... though I think I may have confused one with peach. I think I'd gone hair dye blind from looking at some many pretty Blorange dye jobs on Pinterest & Instagra, oops! 

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Temporary Blorange

Georgia May Jagger may have been the first to make 'Blorange' popular but since then quite a few celebrities and models have been trying out the new spring hair trend. Above is Pixie Lott sporting a combo of Apricot Crush and Pink to Red from her Pixie Lott Paint collection. Which if you're already blonde may be an inexpensive way to try out the trend as the dyes are temporary and only £5.99 each.Though Bleach London wash out colours (£5.00) may be worth checking out as I've heard some pretty good things from fellow bloggers.

Professional Blorange

However tempted I am to go from brown to blorange I know it would have to be done professionally. Unless you already have light blonde/bleached hair, in which case lucky you, a hair lightening or stripping at-home treatment before dying it 'blorange' will just end up patchy, not to mention frazzled. So sadly for most it's off to the hair salon for a pricey dye job.

For me the above shade is spot on for this trend. Definitely an orange-blonde, vibrant and silky looking!

Blorange Peach

Okay, okay, I cheated... this isn't exactly blorange, but just incredibly pretty! I could easily see this stunning hair colour with an orange hue. Nyane is without a doubt one of my favourite Instagrammers to look to for dream hair inspiration. She currently sporting amazing candy floss coloured hair but the above peachy shade is easily my favourite! 

This kind of look would work well for anyone with dark roots that doesn't want continuous maintenance at the hair salon. Instead, a vegetable based dye mixed with a nourishing conditioner once a week would be enough to keep the colour fresh after the initial dying process.

Blorange Ombre 

Although ombre hair has had its day, this new take seems like it may become pretty popular. Again ideal for easy maintenance, as you can allow the roots to grow out, and simply keep the colour vivid with an at home toner/dye. 

I really can't get enough of this colour, it almost embodies both the rose gold and blorange trends in one to create such a feminine but unique shade. If I could wake up tomorrow with hair like this, I totally would!

Pure Blorange

This is without a doubt, blorange. Freshly dyed blorange, and I love it! Okay, it's very circa 1995 but this would suit all pale girls and dark girls amazingly! Also, I'm sure once faded it would look even more amazing. 

Ideal for anyone with naturally super blonde hair or anyone that doesn't mind bleaching the sh*t out of their hair first to achieve such a vivid pastel orange shade! 

A slightly random blog post for me but I felt inspired to share my love of 'blorange' right now!

Can 'blorange' just be Pantone's color of the year, please! Becuase I can kind of see this colour working for stationery and homeware as well.

Actually, scrap that. Makeup Geek 100% need a matte blorange eyeshadow!

Fee xo.

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