30 Clever Ways To Save Money on Makeup

With a self-diagnosed addiction to makeup I'm continuously hunting down way to save money. Whether that be in monetary terms or just by being savvy. As I'm on a bit of a spending ban right now I've put together more than a few ways to save money on makeup that I've put into practise one time or another. 

Feel free to add to my list in the comments with your own money-saving makeup tips!

1. Take advantage of beauty loyalty cards. Cards worth having: Boots Advantage Card, Debenhams Beauty Club Card, Superdrug Beautycard & Space NK N.dulge card

2. Invest in a lightening and darkening drops to change the shade of your favourite foundation depending on the season.

3. Use the customer service email of your favourite beauty brands to thank them... it sometimes pays off in the form of money-off vouchers!

4. Thin down old gloopy nail polish with Seche Restore Thinner 

5. Use less of what you own – are you using more shampoo, cleanser, toothpaste etc than you need?

6. Save money-off coupons found in hair dye boxes, gift sets and loyalty card newsletters

7. Go on a 30-day spending ban. Tough, but worth it!

8. Set up a Depop or eBay account and sell your unused makeup products to save money for new products

9. Try makeup dupes of your favourite products or brands

10. Buy single artist paint brushes instead of makeup brushes. You can find some amazing fan/highlighter brushes for under £2!

11. Have a huge re-shuffle and fall back in love with old favourites

12. Organise a makeup swap with a friend

13. Ask for samples at beauty corners

14. Buy Try-Me Sample Gift Sets to try out a new brand. Good options from Smashbox, Benefit & Sephora

15. Try before you buy – Pick up cheap sachet samples on eBay of products you are thinking of buying. I tried out my now favourite Charlotte Tilbury foundation this way!

16. Try your luck by requesting a few samples in the message/comment field when buying online. I've heard Lush online are pretty generous!

17. Buy from blog sales and Depop

18. Buy a tube squeezer to get the most out of your products - ideal for hand cream, cleansers, toothpaste. 

19. Ask for the makeup products you want at Christmas and Birthdays. Charlotte Tilbury & Benefit products are on my wish list for my birthday next month!

20. Collect makeup sachet samples from magazines and keep them all together

21. Buy past season products from discount websites such as Fragrance Direct

22. DIY products that are easy to make, such as makeup brush cleanser and lip scrub

23. Buy makeup that's multi-purpose

24. Use friends & families staff discounts

25. Re-use the wand of your favourite mascara in a cheaper one. I always save my YSL ones!

26. Give Feel Unique Pick n Mix makeup sample service a try, especially when going on holiday

27. Cut the end off unused up tubes and decant the remaining product into a small plastic jar

28. Recycle old MAC & Lush containers to receive free products in return

29. Buy essentials in bulk or on Buy One Get One Free i.e face wipes, deodorants

30. Buy your favourite products during major sale times, such as Black Friday and the Boxing Day sales

How do you save money on makeup products?

I'd love to know!

Fee xo.  
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