5 Fun Items To Pick Up From eBay Right Now


Recently I've been picking up some amazingly fun eBay bargains. From mermaid makeup brushes to unique bee hair grips - I'm literally surrounded by all my amazing eBay finds as I type this! So as I have so much to share with you that I thought I'd put all my recent fun finds into one post.

As always everything is the lowest price it possibly can be, I always go hunting for the cheapest listing of all items featured and everything came in perfect condition for me. A few listings are overseas sellers but don't worry, you never get hit with custom charges, all I'd say is be patient with delivery times!


1. Mermaid Makeup Brushes  (£6.89)
So I've maybe exhausted my affordable makeup brush sets reviews the moment. I mean I've reviewed 3 gorgeous unique sets in the past 2 months - Original Unicorn makeup brushes, Rainbow Unicorn makeup brushes and let's not forget the amazing Harry Potter-inspired Wizard Wand makeup brushes that a lot of you seemed to really love - I can see why! However, these wonderful mermaid tail makeup brushes are too good not to share with you! I mean just look at them - aren't they stunning?

These are not only stunning, they are practical and pretty amazing quality for the low price. Expect seven very usable brushes that feel incredibly soft and have such detail and vivid colour to them that you won't be able to stop looking at them - I swear I spend way too much time caressing makeup brushes these days! If you are interested in more up-close images of these aquatic beauties then make sure to check out my Instagram (@feefeesavvy)!


2. Affordable Animal Hair Pins (99p for 2)
Last month I came across lots of amazing unique hair pins eBay has to offer. That's what I love about eBay, there are always more items to discover and snap up! After ooh-ing over this amazing listing of some stunning animal hair pins, including some gorgeous origami-style ones, I found this listing of a pair of lovely bee hair pins. These I know will be in my hair, pinning up a messy bun in summer time. For literally 50p each with free delivery I was impressed to see that they are metal, like all standard hair accessories in high street stores, and the detail is just spot on. I think I will be buying a few origami style hair pins next as this price!


3. Village Candle Votives  (£2.80) or Village Candle Jar Candles (£9.99)
If you have been a reader of Makeup Savvy for a while then you may know how much I love Village Candle over Yankee Candle, there's literally no comparison for me! I mainly adore them due to their true-to-scent nature and have quite the collection now. As Village Candle stands are near to impossible to come across in the UK (found in some Hallmark stores) I like to buy inexpensive votive candles first to try out different scents (the listing contains over 40!). If you want to see how true to scent they are then I'd highly recommend Brownie Delight, Lemon Pound Cake, Warm Buttered Bread or Cozy Cashmere from the votive listing - all amazing and yummy! Then with for scents I especially love I like to treat myself to a two-wick jar candle at £9.99, which I don't think is too bad considering the price of Yankee Candles. So far I have four jar candles and counting! If you love Yankee Candle then try them, if you find Yankee Candles too synthetic smelling then try them... or if you just love candles in general, then try them! I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed!


4. Novelty Necklaces  - Tiny Pineapple (99p) Dainty Cactus Necklace (99p)
I'm have a moment with dainty necklaces right now, actually dainty but novelty necklaces to be precise. I think the tiny nature somehow makes a novelty necklace less novelty if that makes sense. Whatever the reason, I love them! I recently picked up two lovely necklaces from eBay for only 99p each, which works amazing well for me as I don't wear jewellery all that often and my tastes always seem to change. Both necklaces are something a bit different though very much on trend and for the cheaper than cheap price tag are actually nice quality! I wouldn't suggest wearing these daily or showering with them on, but for costume jewellery they really are lovely! Which do you like best? I can't decide! 


5. Fun Korean Sheet Masks (linked to my favourite seller! From £1.60 each)
If you read my 101 Guide to Sheet Masks then you will be aware I'm loving a good sheet mask right now. In particular anything pretty or unusual! Thankfully I found an amazing eBay seller (above) that stocks over 450 different face masks with some really unusual ones... actually sometimes too unusual, you will see what I mean if you have a look through them! Plus on my last order of 3 masks the seller kindly sent me an extra sheet mask for free, including a sweet note - how lovely?! If you like luxury feeling gel sheet masks then I'd recommend searching 'Dearpacker Hydrogel' in the sellers listings and if you want something ultra cute then search 'Disney' to find a choice of 8 amazingly fun masks! A totally inexpensive pamper treat!

I really hope you've found a few eBay bargains here to treat yourself to!

Let me know your favourites in the comments!

Fee xo.

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