First World Beauty Blogger Struggles

Let's face it... us bloggers like to moan, especially on social media! But really we have to admit we have it pretty good - hence the term 'first world problems' being  pretty relevant to us!

I too love a good moan about nothing so I thought I'd pull together my own first world beauty blogger problems. I have a feeling some of you may be able to relate to quite a few of these! 

Having to edit out dogs hairs from every blog photo

Making a typo so bad I have to sign into Blogger while food shopping to immediately correct it!

Signing all emails with a kiss (or 2... or 3) - it's a blogger thing, right?

Being unknowingly signed up to a million rubbish newsletters - PRs/brand please stop!

Having to delete all images containing a cheeky toe/slipper photo bomb

Being constantly addressed as your blog name in emails... I swear I've had Miss Savvy in the past! 

The constant fear of bumping into an old school friend and them asking what you do. Fully knowing they will be checking out your blog as soon as they get home.

Just being asked what I do in general. Online writer? Online beauty writer? Freelance writer? Blogger? I don't know, okay!

Going out covered in makeup stains no thanks to matte liquid lipstick swatches!

My phone's storage being constantly at breaking point due to an excessive amount of makeup photos. Cute camera roll, constant 'Storage Full' pop up, arghhh! 

Please tell me you can relate to a handful of these, especially as I've bared my soul to you! 

Feel free to tell me your own first world blogger struggles! 

Fee xo. 

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