The Best Beauty Gimmick Buys from eBay

Often when I buy random beauty items from eBay I never know how good or bad they will be, especially when it comes to more gimmick-y items. But for the generally low-spend it worth taking the risk and I've found some amazing products this way!

So today I thought I'd share my favourite beauty gimmicks that I've purchased from eBay in the past year and highly recommend! These are possibly items you would easily over look on eBay but have truly helped me out and are worth highlighting.

Eyeshadow Colour Switch Remover 

This is my most favourite beauty gimmick purchase, in fact I feel bad for calling it a gimmick as it's an ingenious products for anyone that has more than a handful of makeup brushes. The aim of the tin containing a dry black sponge is to clean your makeup brushes in between use of different products/shades. You simply swirl your dirty brush over the slightly course dry sponge and within 15 seconds you have a clean brush that can be used again. This is perfect if you have a favourite eyeshadow brush that you would like to used with multiple colours but you haven't been able to in the past. Or if you want to quickly spot clean all of your eyeshadow/powder brushes.

I was sceptical of how well this little tin would preform but I can hand on heart say this is a pretty genius product that I use nearly every time I apply my makeup now. A true eBay beauty gem!

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner 

Over the years I've tried quite a few silicone makeup brush cleaner pads and mitts and if I'm honest they can be a bit fiddly to to hold and you still end up with wrinkly prawn fingers! So a few months ago I thought I'd spend a little more and try out a large makeup brush cleaner pad that fits around the plug hole of your sink with suction pads. 

With different areas for different brushes and areas for a more deep clean and made from thick silicone this is VERY similar to the £20+ Sigma Brush Spa and does an amazing job of cleaning all brushes. Yes, it's still a bit of a chore but it cuts down on time, give all brushes a thorough clean and no more wrinkly fingers at the end of it! 

If you are looking for something that will make brush cleaning easier then this is certainly the product to pick up. A serious bargain!

Foil Nail Wraps 
100 for £2.99 EBAY HERE

Ever heard of the beauty hack of wrapping your nails in cotton pads and tin foil to remove stubborn glitter nail polish? Well you buy them pre-made! Okay, maybe super lazy because you could just cut up your own cotton pads and pieces of tin foil but there's still costs involved in buying the products so pre-made ones make sense! 

I now use the above foil nail wraps with nail polish remover applied to the pad section when removing a gel manicure but also to remove glitter nail polish - so much easier then rubbing away for 20 minutes! 

The foil wraps are ideal if you know you will be indulging in glitter nails over the festive period and will make removal a breeze.

DIY Cotton Facial Sheet Masks 
25 Masks for £2.49 EBAY HERE

Sheet masks are certainly popular right now but if you are like me with a huge stash of standard face masks you may not want that extra spend of trying out different sheet masks. But what if you could make your own?! 

In the listing above you can pick up as many as 100 cotton sheet masks for only £5.99 which can be soaked in any moisturiser or serum or applied over the top of any face mask you have, even clay based ones. I personally love this idea more than buying individual sachet sheet masks as it's so versatile and you can even batch cut the mask to the exact shape of your face unlike individual sheet masks. 

My favourite way now to use one of the DIY cotton sheets is to make it damp and then apply a generous layer of serum to my face and apply the sheet mask over the top, leaving it to sit on the face for 5-10 minutes. If you love face masks or pampering in general just as much as me then this is a way to try out the sheet mask trend on the cheap and experiment with all your other face masks and skincare products. 

These four products are my ultimate beauty extras and totally inexpensive! Hail eBay! 

Fee xo.

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