3 Amazing Autumn Scents Worth Trying

Along with a change of wardrobe a new scent signifies the start of a new season for me. In the past I'd go back to old favourites; Thierry Mugler Alien, Calvin Klein Secret Obsession and D&G The One to name but a few, and although I still adore them, I've found trying a new fragrance to be much more exciting. 

This Autumn I have three new scents, all of which offer something different and will take me through to 2017. From a newly releases Hugo Boss scent, to an affordable classic with Ghost and a unisex budget friendly perfume from The Body Shop. 

If you are looking for a new autumn/winter fragrance then look no further... you may just find your new signature scent right here.

The Body Shop Red Musk 

Eau De Toilette 30ml 
Price - £13.00 HERE 

First up I wanted to include a budget friendly scent from The Body Shop as I've been a fan of their fragrances for over 10 years now (Fuzzy Peach Perfume Oil use to be my fav back in the day!) and I know I can rely on them for low cost scents that smell amazing! 

Now I'm not instantly drawn to musk fragrances but do find it creates a good comforting base when paired with other stronger scents and after reading a few reviews I decided to buy Red Musk blind and hope for the best! On my first wear I found it to be quite a masculine scent which I wouldn't normally seek out but with it's soft edges I found it to be comforting and the ideal scent for chilly days. 

The main notes in this and the ones I can personally detect are pepper, tobacco (don't worry it's subtle and more wooody than smokey), cinnamon and musk. For me this is exactly how you would want a boyfriend to smell - it's light, slightly sexy, spicy and comforting. Which makes it a perfect unisex scent for the colder months when you are wrapped up in a huge scarf! It can also be worn day and night and I've even found it can be layered making most floral fragrances slightly warmer and deeper.

If you are looking for something different this a/w then pick this one up!


Hugo Boss The Scent 

Eau De Parfum
Price - £36.99 (Fragrance Direct 30ml) HERE or £65.50 ( Boots 50ml) HERE

Each season I like to go for a designer perfume, whether that's something I've run out of or a totally new scent. This autumn I have the new luxurious Huge Boss The Scent fragrance which isn't a typical autumn/winter scent as it's floral and very feminine - basically the opposite of the above scent. 

This is a fragrance that you really have to leave to die down after spritzing onto the skin as initially it does have a strong peach scent that is similar to a Victoria's Secret scent and not something to you expect from a luxury scent. However after 5 minutes or so the peach mellows into something less sharp and more rounded and becomes a floral fruity scent that's ideal for everyday wear. 

As for the bottle it really is weighty and luxurious and will look stunning on any dressing table. In fact I think it's possibly Hugo Boss's best designed bottle to date and really represents the femininity of The Scent.

If you love peach scents but want a more grown-up take then this is the scent to try out. This is a peach perfume done well!

Ghost Deep Night 

Eau De Toilette 30ml 
Price - £12.99 (Amazon) HERE or £20.00 (Superdrug) HERE

Ghost perfumes have been around for as long as I can remember and offer affordable scents that not only look good but smells good as well. So when I was looking for another autumnal scent but not wanting to spend that much I thought I'd go back to Ghost and a scent I wore at least a decade ago.

Ghost Deep Night is another masculine scent but less so than The Body Shop's Red Musk as it also contains floral notes as well as spicy ones along with vanilla making it soft and warm - basically think wearing your boyfriend's scarf with the scent of your own floral fragrance and you're pretty much there! 

Any other time of year I would say this is more of an evening scent however come the colder months this can easily be worn in the day as a deeper warm scent. I particularly love this fragrance on scarves and thick jumpers when it's extra cold as it's so comforting and quite nostalgic for me.

If you are looking for more 
autumnal recommendations then you can find my affordable autumn beauty picks here.

I'd love to know what fragrance you love to wear come autumn and winter!

Fee xo. 

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