eBay Bargains #63 - On Trend For Less


Rose Gold Wire Frame Glasses 

£4.99 HERE 
Okay, so I may not be cool enough to sport these glasses but they are 100% on trend right now along with flawless makeup and faux freckles. I personally feel the rose gold metal makes the glasses much more feminine and wearable and at £4.99 they are worth snapping up if you are wanting to try out the trend.

Suede Embroidered Ankle Boots 
£25.09 HERE
If I had the bank balance to snap up all the stunning pairs of embroidered ankle boots in Topshop right now then I would. But at £70+ a pair I doubt that will be happening anytime soon! However I have found some pretty lovely boots that are certainly a nod to the trend for a fraction of the price. I can imagine these looking amazing with thick black tights or even rolled up jeans. For the price these are pretty amazing! I just love the gold floral embroidery detail to the heel. 

Rose Gold Set of 5 Makeup Brushes 
£5.19 HERE 
Rose gold brushes are still on trend and I think will be for years to come as copper ferrules just look stunning. I started off loving copper brushes with the Bold Metal brushes from Real Techniques but at £15+ each they aren't cheap. But thankfully I came across a stunning 5 piece set for only £5 and can hand on heart say they work a dream! These not only look amazing on your dressing table but they are so soft and do the job perfectly. You can find my full review plus my own images of these exact brushes here

Nap Queen Slogan Sweater 
£4.43 HERE 
Slogan sweater are literally everywhere right now and I for one love them. Okay, some may be a little too 'young'/cool for me but this 'Nap Queen' slogan sweater I can totally relate to, especially come winter! It comes in both grey and black in sizes XS-XL but as Asian sizes do run small I always recommend getting a size up.

Rainbow Highlighter Powder 
£2.29 HERE 
Highlighter in general is still having a moment and all I've been seeing on Instagram lately is the most glowing cheekbones. But now is also about rainbow highlight! I've just ordered this exact rainbow highlight to try it out and though I'm a little sceptical it will give me that gradient rainbow glow I'm sure I can make it work. Excited to give this a go now for the low price!

Mini Velvet Backpack 
£6.39 HERE 
In the past few months I've seen more and more mini velvet backpacks around and I kinda' like them. Topshop currently have a very similar range of crushed velvet mini backpacks in for £26.00 but if you are on a budget then this little beauty is perfect. I personally love the red velvet option but it also comes in black, grey and purple in the listing.

Sew-on Embroidered Patches 
99p each HERE
Lastly I had to include some cute sew-on patches that are everywhere right now. These took forever to find on eBay but I wanted to find some that looked good but for a low price and I did! I can't get enough of these and there are so many more in the listing! I'm very tempted to pick up a few of the love heart cactus or pineapple patches (I can't decide!) to sew onto a light knit grey jumper I have, possibly on the elbows!

I hope you've found a few lovely bargains here. I know I've enabled myself! 

Next eBay bargains post - Christmas themed or the latest  makeup brushes? Let me know what you would like to see! 

Fee xo.

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