Easy Last Minute Halloween Nail Art Ideas


Happy Halloween everyone! 

I don't know about you but whether I'm doing anything for Halloween or not I always like to get into the spirit of things and give myself some fun nails and watch a scary movie or two. Halloween nails always get compliments and it personally puts me in a good mood for the occasion. 

So I thought I'd round-up 5 of my favourite Halloween/fun nails I've done over the years that you can easily re-create on your own nails or possibly for a child that is going out treat or treating. Hope you like my ideas! 

 These are a random mix of everything and perfect if you can't decide what to go for. As they are mix and match they kind of look like you have false nails on as well! All you need is a small brush and a dotting tool (you can use the end of a bobby pin if you like) and 5 basic nail polish colours. This is possibly my favourite Halloween nail art to do!

Another very simple nail art look that looks quite creepy as your fingers look like they have eyes! This is simply 3 blobs/circles to create the pupil and then fine red lines to create the outer effect. So easy to achieve! 
Black and orange always look great together so here  I created a silhouette type scene that's actually pretty simple to do.

These actually look like they are tricky to create but it's simply a line with 2 dots either end to create the bone shade. These couldn't be any simpler and they look great on any dark base nail polish.

Last but not least I thought I'd include some really fun nails that feel quite 'Halloween' to me. It's all about the base here and creating that gradient ombre effect with a small piece of sponge. Then it's applying small wiggly lines over the top for the leopard print. 

Hope you've found some spooktacular inspiration here and have a fab Halloween! 

Fee xo.  

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