eBay Bargains #60 - Makeup Storage Under £10


After picking up an amazing acrylic drawer set from eBay the other day (review post) I decided to see what else eBay had to offer in the way of makeup storage solutions

I'm pretty pleased with all these finds and will be picking up a few pieces as they are all so affordable! PS. Numbers 1, 6 & 7 are my favs! 

 1. Gold Makeup Brush Holder - £2.79 HERE
Ahhh, this is pretty genius! I'm sure I spotted something similar to this on a vlog of a U.S Youtuber recently, so it's most likely a dupe of something more pricey. The idea of this is that the holder contains inner fabric pockets that you can slot your makeup brushes into and then place more in the center, this way they stay upright. From looking at it I think it would hold around 10+ brushes. Ideal for travel as it's so compact!  

2. Acrylic Lipstick Holder Case - £13.99 HERE
 Now back in stock! Slightly more in price, but so worth it as it's such a stunning way to display and store your favourite lipsticks! Holds 24 lipsticks in total.

3. Hanging Wall Tidy - £5.50 HERE
If you have limited space then a fabric wall tidy is great. This seems pretty large as it can hold a hair dryer and hair tools as well as makeup items - I think I'd prefer to store nail polishes. Pretty yet super functional!

4. Clear Sweet Style Cotton Pad Holder - £2.68 HERE
I had to include this for the shape and style as it instantly reminded me of a traditional sweet shop jar. Perfect for keeping stocked up with cotton pads next to your makeup remover.

5. Lace Trim Makeup Brush Holder - £1.22 HERE
Over 2 years ago now I wrote a blog post on how to use a £2 Ikea Skurar Plant Pot as a makeup brush holder (you can read that post here). I personally think these look great and so did a lot of people as it went a bit viral! But my recommendation isn't so good for anyone that doesn't have an Ikea near them so I've finally found a total look-a-like product that's even cheaper! They are plastic but I don't see that affecting the quality at all. You can also find them in a range of different colours here for £1.50.

6. Round Acrylic Tiered Stand - £3.54 HERE
Pretty jewellery stand, yes. But what about a fragrance stand? This would look amazing with 3 of your favourite perfumes on. A unique and pretty way to show them off! 

7. Filigree Wooden Desk Tidy - £9.99 HERE 
Okay, this could store pretty much anything you wanted. But instantly I thought of it holding makeup palettes and makeup brush pots. This is a super pretty piece that will suit all decors and can be used anywhere, even in the kitchen!

8. Clear Ornate Cotton Pad Holder - £2.15 HERE 
Another cotton pad holder... because again I loved the style and I've never seen anything like it before. The holder also comes in black. 

9. Badge/Pop Art Style Makeup Bags - £2.19 HERE 
These bags just look so cool and on trend with the whole badge thing right now, so I had to include them. Perfect to keep inside your handbag for makeup/personal items or for travel. I think I like the off-white badge style bag the most.

10. Rotating Makeup Organiser Stand - £9.99 HERE
This is basically the lazy Susan (is that just a UK term I wonder) of makeup storage! This clever and ultra affordable plastic storage tower can house so many makeup items and then be swirled around to get to them all. It even holds 18 lipsticks to the top of it! A very clever piece of storage.

11. Acrylic 9 Hole Lipstick Holder - £2.99 HERE
I have a few of these little tiered lipstick holders now and they really are handy. You can get ones to hold more lipsticks but personally I think ones that holds 9 lipsticks is enough so you can keep your favourites out on display so that you make use of them. Good quality and super cheap!

12. Acrylic Nail Polish Display Stand - £7.49 HERE  
Lastly another storage item I own and love. This clear tiered stand holds so many nail polishes and makes the most amazing display item, especially if you're a nail junkie! I keep all my favourite glitter polishes on mine or sometimes I re-organise it with new and old shades I want to show some love to. For the price this really is very affordable and will last years.

Hope you've found some good but cheap makeup storage options! 

Fee xo.

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