First World Problems (Beauty Bloggers may relate!)


How cheap Bath & Body Works candles are (currently $12.50!) but the fact they aren't available in the UK. 

Related problem - U.S custom charges (enough said.) 

Late night nail painting that results in duvet print nails the next morning.

Finding the perfect marble slab that would be oh so perfect as a blog prop and then realising it weighs 4 stone. 

The price of Zoeva brushes (though I have just found a 12 piece eyeshadow dupe set for only £3.28 on eBay & you can find my review of the face dupe set here!

When a matte liquid lipstick swatch just won't wash off your arm/hand. 

The fact you still get asked to explain what a blog is!!! 

And then when you explain you get asked either - 1. So, how much do you make from that then? 2. Do you know Zoella? Just face palm.

When you realise that the words 'dupe' and 'swatch' aren't used on any media platform outside of the internet and your friends only know these terms because you're a blogger!

Being excited for Autumn  just because, autumnal themed posts and cute blog props, obvs. 

But the woes of bad lighting for blog photography come October, arghh!

If you're a blogger I hope you relate to a few of these! 

Let me know your own first world problems :) 

Fee xo.  

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