A Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Brush Set Dupe... only £3.50?!


Just the other day I dropped a casual link in a blog post to this exact brush set. Then I thought... exactly why aren't you blogging about it?! So here I am sharing my amazement of this Zoeva dupe brush set from eBay!

As you may already know I recently found an amazing dupe for the 8-piece Zoeva face set on eBay for under £5 (which you can buy here or read my review of here) and then I came across the matching 12-piece eye set (£3.28 eBay UK here or eBay US here) and instantly snapped it up! Now as I'm always honest I will say that there are a few brushes in this set that I basically hate and won't be using but loving 8 brushes out of the 12 for £3.28 really isn't bad at all. So this is basically a fair and honest review... but still snap them up if you want some amazingly pretty rose gold brushes for your collection or just to use as blog props! 

I mean they are cheaper than the price of a magazine... or a single eyeshadow brush in Boots (much better comparsion, Fee!). 


The brushes you receive + Zoeva comparison

Left to right - Eyeshadow/concealer buffer brush, small smudger brush, larger flat brush, angle liner/brow brush, flat round tipped brush, ultra fine wing liner brush, fluffy eye shader brush,  two narrow fluffy brushes, two medium narrow fluffy brushes, large flat topped fluffy brush, small pencil brush. 

On comparing my Zoeva brushes (around £8.50 each) to my eBay finds (around 27p each haha) there are a few notable differences - the eBay brushes are longer by half an inch, the rose gold is slightly more vivid but with subtle indents to the ferrule, they're also free from all writing and branding and the handles are more of a light dusky pink than the nude toned Zoeva ones. However the overall appearance is very similar with the black and white duo fibre brushes looking the most similar. Some brushes do match up to what you can buy from Zoeva such as the 142 Concealer Buffer from the Rose Golden volume 2 collection and the 226 Smudger brush, but on the whole the eBay set is more inspired by the Zoeva brush set. 


My Favourite Brushes

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I don't love all the brushes to the set but 8 out of 12 isn't bad. My favourites have to be the 3 duo fibre brush, just so soft and such amazing quality (the largest brush is amazing for buffing concealer under the eyes), as well as the small angled brush which again is so soft and I've been using with brow powder to fill in my brows. I also surprised myself by loving the very fine liner brush as I've been touching it against the nib of my Lord & Berry liquid liner and achieving a precise winged eye that way! I've also been liking the white fluffy shader brush as it's perfectly soft and works well to pat on lid colour.

zoeva-rose-golden-uk-ebayQuality + Dislikes 

For the price the quality is pretty damn amazing and after a week of using them and washing them 3 times I've yet to see any shedding or splaying of the bristles! The handles and rose gold ferrules also seem sturdy and well made.

However I do have two dislikes around this set - My first issue was soon remedied by give them an initial wash, as they arrived with such a strong spray paint smell. It was hard to tell if this was the packaging or the brushes themselves but they really couldn't have been used straight away. A minor issue but one I felt needed mentioning! I also dislike 4 of the white fibre brushes, one is just a little too stiff (small pencil brush) for around the eyes for me, but my problem is the other 3 brushes are just cut and shaped in such a basic way, making them pretty rubbish to use! It really is as if they got bored of coming up with different shapes and styles of brush and just cut these 3 brushes straight across. But as I mentioned it's not a big deal when you love all the other brushes and only spent £3.28 on the entire set! 

This 12-piece eye set along with the 8-piece face set really are some of my favourite eBay brush finds to date. You can find my review of the dupe Zoeva face set which contains 8 brushes here or snap up the set below for only £4.84!

US Link - here


I think you'll agree that this set is amazing value for money and just looks stunning. I'm so pleased I picked these up - in fact I'll be buying another set (in black) to have duplicates of my favourite brushes!

Fee xo.  

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