eBay Bargains #56 - Luxury for Less

As most of you will know by now I'm all about finding steals especially on eBay! So I set myself a bit of a challenge with this eBay Bargains post to find inspired by items that can save you a hell of a lot of money. 

I'm not overly keen on fake items so all the featured products though similar in look don't include any branding, names or logos to my knowledge. 

Christian Louboutin Crown Lipstick Dupe
6 shades | £2.88 HERE 
I don't know about you but I can't imagine ever spending £70+ on a single lipstick however gorgeously packaged it is. But I can imagine picking up one of these bargain lipsticks to see how they fair! The packaging is so similar and the shades don't look too bad either. You can also find a similar the black version here and here.

Chanel Boy Style Handbag  
9 colourways | £14.88 HERE
I think for many of us it would be a dream to own a Chanel Boy bag but at £4,000 + it's pretty unlikely to happen. But if you don't mind dupe/inspired by bags then this may be an amazing find for you! To be fair these bags do look well made and include the gunmetal strap than can even be double up much like the Chanel Boy bag. You can also find a stunning velvet version here.

Artis 10-piece Makeup Brush Set Dupes 
£15.95 HERE
 Oval brushes are certainly the 'it' makeup tool right now and I for one love them! I've purchased quite a few oval brush sets now from eBay and have always been impressed by the quality. This silver/white brush set is a little more pricey but includes 10 brushes for both the face and eyes and is remarkably similar to the Artis Elite Mirror set that also contains 10 brushes but for a staggering £284!

Tom Ford 5-piece Makeup Brush Set Dupes 
£3.25 | HERE
Bargain alert! Oh my oh my I was so pleased I came across these brushes. Even if these weren't a dupe, 5 brushes for £3.25 is amazing value for money. But with the white bristles, flat bottom ends and gold ferrules these look exactly like Tom Ford brushes that retail for £50-80 per brush?! I of course can't let you know the quality just yet (I have ordered some!) but I've been pleased with most eBay brush sets in the past and what's £3.85 really! 

Dior Reflected Mirror Style Sunglasses 
7 options | £3.99 HERE
As it's still summer I had to include a good sunglasses dupe and something with a hint of rose gold. I personally love sunglasses like these and believe they suit all face shapes. These come in so many colour choices to the listing and look well made - I want them all! However I recently receive an eBay order of some rose gold designer sunglasses here (only £2.59!) that I'm totally in love with.  

Chloe Drew Saddle Bag Dupe 
£10.99 HERE
I've featured this bag a few times now because I love it and it's oh so similar to the Chloe Drew that's retails for around £1,000! From the dove grey colour to the shape and gold hardware it really is such a lovely bag. Talking of lovely bags I recently picked up the Chloe Faye dupe bag also in grey from eBay which you can see in this post

Tiffany T Wire Style Bracelet
3 finishes | £1.29 HERE
Lastly I had to include this for the price as it's just such a bargain. It goes without saying the quality will be nothing like the £1,000+ real deal but if you are going for the look and style then it's pretty darn similar. As with all jewellery I purchase from eBay I recommend keeping it away from perfume and water and it should last just fine. 

Hope you've found some amazing bargains here! 

Fee xo.
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