Super Summer Skincare - For Oily/Combination Skin Types


June is here, I don't know how when it's just been Christmas, but that means summer, right? Well I'm crossing both my fingers and toes for some warm weather as I have many a summer dress I want to wear and have my summer skincare routine sorted.

Below I have four amazing products that are now part of my skincare routine because, well  they're all amazing! From an SPF serum, to a budget mattifying moisturiser and a skincare gadget that is finally affordable!


Kiko Solar Protect Serum SPF 15
£11.10 (normally £15.90) - Kiko online here or in-store
My oily-skin prayers have been answered with this product! An SPF I can use daily (even on overcast days) without clogging up my pores causing me to breakout. This ingenious little bottle is a two-phase lightweight serum that is applied before makeup and gives SPF 15, medium protection, to the skin. What I love about this is that is soaks into the skin within a few minutes and feels like any standard serum - not heavy or greasy just ever so slightly hydrated. I also find that as it's fine for even sensitive skin I can apply this on my under eye area without it stinging my eyes... finally an SPF I can do this with! This is perfect for all skin types especially anyone with oily skin and really is a summer/holiday staple! Well done Kiko!

Super Facialist Purify & Refresh Facial Scrub 
£5.99 (normally £8.99) - Boots online here or in-store
On to a good old fashioned face scrub now because sometimes a cleanser doesn't cut it and you need baby soft skin! Thankfully this scrub has biodegradable micro beads though so it's not full on old fashioned and won't be harming the environment/sea. This freshly scented scrub is a product ideal to be used once or twice a week in the shower I feel as it's invigorating, gives a deep clean by eliminating dead skin cells and helps tackle blemish-prone skin with the aid of salicylic acid (a key ingredient in any spot fighting skincare if you ask me!). The scrub can also be used over the neck and chest area... much like any other product I guess, but this is ideal for that purpose especially is you are someone that gets blemishes not just on your face. This to me feels like an improved version of the standard face scrub as it's by Una Brennan but at such an affordable price.

Foreo Luna Play 
£29.00 - Look Fantastic here
Say hello to baby Foreo a.ka I'd rather spend £29 on the mini over the £69 on the standard one - isn't she the cutest?! Yes, that's right Foreo just got much more affordable and I'm so pleased they have because their silicone skincare gadgets really are the best and something to try out. This ultra portable (it's dinkier than a cotton pad!) facial cleansing device is amazing for uneven and oily skin as it exfoliates and pushes your cleanser deeper into the skin for a more thorough cleanse. I personally like to use this at night with my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and it leaves my skin feeling amazing, it can also used in the shower as it's fully waterproof. The only down side is that is does have a shelf life of approx. 100 uses, and if you're like me and haven't a clue how many times you've used it you start to get the fear of when is it going to die. Which would be a sad day but imagine if you are planning to take it on holiday, as it's ideal for that, I fear the worry of will it/won't it die would be too much! So there's that to consider. But for the price, especially if you only use it a few times a week, really is amazing.

Garnier Pure Active Matte Control 
£7.35 - Boots online here or in-store
As I've mentioned a serum, scrub and skincare gadget it felt only right I include a good mattifying moisturiser for summer and I think I've found a fab one with Garnier's Pure Active Matte Control. Now I will be honest and say it's been a long time since I've used Garnier skincare for anything other than Micellar water and it was more in my teens that I use to favour them but this moisturiser really does the trick of soaking up excess oil and shine and creating a mattified base for makeup to be applied onto or if you are going bare skinned. With a gel-like feel this glides over the skin and feels refreshing however the scent is pretty chemically but something I can definitely tolerate. I've also noticed when I use this I often skip a primer as it creates a good base for foundation and an extra layer of product just isn't needed. On me I find this does control my shine especially on my T-shine for most of the day but if you are super oily I'd say still keep blotting paper or a translucent powder to hand. Another product ideal for the summer months if you're an oily like me! 

So many fab products here that I hope you try out! 

If you have oily skin let me know in the comments your favourite skincare product for summer. 

Fee xo.

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