eBay Bargains #53 - Holiday Edition


 Round Anchor Beach Towel - £6.98 HERE 
How pretty is this towel?! Round beach towels are very 'in' at the moment and are generally  in a mandala style patten which is nice... but this is even nicer if you ask me! From the other images in the listing this really does look worth the money. Totally love it!

Boho Tapestry Backpack - £6.70 HERE 
Backpacks are another 'in' thing right now and for holidays they certain make sense. I like structured backpacks out there but for summer this casual tapestry backpack is calling my name. This looks incredibly detailed and comes in a range of patterns. 

Portable Pocket Fan - £1.24 HERE 
On flights a pocket travel fan is a must for me! I'm not a fan, no pun intended, of feeling stuffy or hot so a mini fan is the perfect remedy. Also this really is a cute one and as compact as they get.

Giant Donut Inflatable - £9.99 HERE 
Finally pool inflatables have become more fun; from pizza slices and pretzels to donuts and even giant swans! This giant donut (120cm size) comes in both pink and brown/chocolate and is half the price of the identical one on ASOS! The listing contains lots of other styles as well.

Rose Gold 'Dupe' Sunglasses - £2.59 HERE 
I've featured this style of sunglasses a few times now because for the price they really are amazing. These come in a range of finishes but rose gold for me is just the prettiest. Very flattering and much more expensive looking than they actually are!

Pineapple Flip Phone Case - £2.99 HERE 
I recently bought this from eBay with a future holiday in mind and as the quality is so good I had to share it. Whenever I'm away I'm more conscious of dropping or breaking my phone so extra protection with a phone case like this is a must. I love this one due the print but it also includes a section to put your cards and receipts and it can even be used as a stand for your phone for when you want to watch videos. Such a bargain! Again available is so many designs in the listing. 

Silicone Luggage Tags - 99p each HERE 
Another holiday fear of mine if that someone will accidentally take my bag so in the past I've used large suitcase stickers to make it look a little more unique. But now I'm totally loving these silicone tags that come in so many fun designs and look really good quality. They also have a section on the reverse for your name, address and telephone number just in case your luggage does go missing. I will certainly be picking up a couple of these.

Gold Glitter Detangling Comb - £1.69 HERE 
 After every shower I use a detangling brush and it's now an essential for me. However if you don't already own one but your planning a beach holiday then it will certainly be a lifesaver for your hair. With the flexible plastic teeth this gently works through stubborn knots without damaging your hair. I also find the extra long handle to be handy.

Passport Holder/Wallet - £1.89 HERE    
 Lastly I found this bargain passport holder that comes in a range of lovely pastel colours. This instantly reminded me of something you would pick up from Kate Spade but for a snip of the price. 

Hope you've found a few holiday/summer bargains here! 

Fee xo.
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