The Latest Budget Brushes from eBay - from £1.14!


For the past few years I've realised that eBay is the best place to buy budget makeup brushes. From as little as £1 I've found some of my favourite makeup brushes that have stood the test of time and are actually the same quality, if not better, than a lot of high street brushes.

I've recently picked up four new brushes that I instantly had to share because they are all amazing and I think it's good to show them outside of the often pretty rubbish stock images on eBay. I also have a pretty amazing product that solves the problem of switching eyeshadow colours without having to switch brushes! 


Colour Switch Dupe - £1.75 HERE
First on to the product/dupe that solves the issue of having to switch eyeshadow brushes with every eyeshadow colour you use. I found this product thanks to Gemma of Miss Makeup Magpie (an amazing blog!) and after reading her glowing review I knew I needed to instantly pick it up from eBay for only £1.75. Much like the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo here (£13.50 eep!) this dry sponge housed in a tin removes eyeshadow from your brush with a simple swirl over the sponge, meaning you can then use the brush with another eyeshadow colour and so on. This for me is revolutionary as it means I can use my favourite eye brushes with a number of different shades to create the perfect eye look. This really does work as you can see in the above before and after images and for £1.75 I'm just amazed by it! 


Rose Gold Oval Large Brush #1 - £2.96 HERE
With already owning two of these stunning looking oval brushes and being happy with my purchases I decided to try out two more. I went for the largest oval brush that can be used for foundation, powder or bronzer and the smallest of the brushes that can be used for concealing, lip application and apparently eyeshadow. As these brushes are incredibly dense and not to mention soft I decided to avoid using the large oval brush for foundation as I knew it would seep down into the bristles and would be a pain to wash. So I've so far tried it with bronzer to really good effect and though it is large it apply product lightly and blending as it moves over the face. Side note - As large oval brush is so large and the handle is only plastic you do need to be careful not to apply too much pressure to the bridge of the brush. Mine is fine but I feel with too much pressure it could snap!

 Rose Gold Small Concealer Brush - £1.14 HERE
As for the teeny tiny oval brush I first tried using it to blend concealer under my eyes and found it just moved product around and didn't do much in the way of blending, but then I decided to bite the bullet and try it as a lip brush with a cream lip product and that's then I loved it! I've never thought of using a brush like this to apply lip products before but I'm now converted as it gives such a precise and even finish. Both brushes will sit very happily in my collection! 


Large Professional Powder Brush - £2.69 HERE
Next onto a wonderful powder brush that looks so fancy for the price with it's all silver metal handle and pointed tip. As you can most likely see from the images this brush is incredibly soft and perfect shaped making it ideal for sweeping and buffing loose powder over the face. It's also clearly made from synthetic fibres as it catches the light in a certain way - something very important to me! I've so far being using this with my favourite Clarins Loose Mineral Powder and couldn't be more pleased with it. A dream brush here! 

Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush Dupe - £1.99 HERE 
I love a good dupe and with the Marc Jacob bronzer brush costing £50+ I was eager to see how this £2 brush fared. Thankfully the brush arrived in record speed in just over a week and a half from China and instantly I knew it would either make an amazing setting powder brush or all over bronzing brush. From comparing images of the Marc Jacobs brush the only visual difference I can see is that the dupe brush isn't as dome shaped to the tip but as for size and handle shape they look spot on. Again this is an incredibly soft synthetic brush that feels amazing and works well with bronzer or setting powder. I'd say the brush is a little too large to use contour/bronze the face and is more of a body brush but I've seen this also said about the much more expensive brush. As I love the above silver handled brush to apply powder with this will be used to apply bronzer over my chest and shoulders. Another fab brush! 

Hope you've found some makeup brush gems to pick up here! 

Fee xo.

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