eBay Q&A - Fakes, Shipping Times & Finding a Bargain!

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As my eBay posts have become a bit more popular I receive quite a few questions and queries about shopping on eBay. So today I thought I'd grab the questions I've received on archived posts and social media and answer them in more of a public way. 

Hope this post gives you a few tips for shopping on eBay safely and finding some bargains!

How do you find such amazing items on eBay? I never seem to be able to!  
Generally I decide to look for a specific item say phone cases but then I fall down the rabbit hole and 2 hours later I'm looking at luggage tags and passport covers! I find most of my favourite finds come from sellers in China and they do seem to put random keywords in their listing titles such as for oval brushes I often see the word ' toothbrush' so I will search in 'Health & Beauty' just the word toothbrush then filter it just to makeup and not oral care and ta dar all the oval makeup brushes you could ever want will be there!

How long does shipping take for items sent from China? 
This really does vary from seller to seller but they do offer a rough estimated time for you. I've recently had quite a few items turn up quite promptly in 2 weeks but other items have taken 2 months. So if you are in a rush to receive your item I'd definitely suggest avoiding international sellers. But for me I order lots of 99p-£3.00 items in one go with different sellers and they will randomly turn up over the course of the month.

Does the cheap jewellery you feature actually last? 
Yes and no! For me I treat a necklace that I've bought from eBay for 99p the same as I would if I'd have bought it from Primark - I avoid spraying perfume on it and I don't wear it in the shower. So if you make sure to treat it as cheap jewellery then it will last... if you don't if will most likely rust within a week!

Do you ever buy fake makeup from eBay? Is it worth buying? 
Never ever. For me it's just not worth it. The main reason is that you really don't know the ingredients in the products at all and investigations into counterfeit makeup have shown that some illegal factories are using lead, mercury and even cyanide in their products and these are products that will be going onto your face or even eyes and in turn going into your blood stream!! You really are just paying for the look of a product and nothing more. If you really can't afford the prices of high end makeup there are always blog sales, clearance sections in stores or even legitimate auctions on eBay from UK sellers.

How do I avoid buying fakes?  
My main tip is to avoid sellers from China with low value Buy It Now's. Of course fake products are sold by UK sellers as well but generally they are international listings and they have a large volume available. Also just do your research, compare the images of the product you want to buy with stock images of the product on a reputable website. But if you do still end up buying an item you aren't sure about then it's totally fine to visit the official brands counter to ask a member of staff or just inspect the real product for yourself. If it does end up to be fake contact the seller and request a refund on that basis.

Have you ever disliked products you have bought from eBay? 
It's actually not often that I receive an item that I dislike but maybe that's because it's generally £1-3 in price so it's not that big of a deal if it's not exactly like the stock images in the listing. However just this week I received a tinted lip balm that I ordered a few weeks ago and on applying it to my lips it had an awful musty scent that just wouldn't go... so much so I ended up washing my lips, twice! Rubbish products do happen from time to time but I will always include them in my eBay hauls and tell you so.

Will you ever feature clothes you buy in your eBay hauls?
I don't often buy clothes from eBay, and when I do they are generally from auctions so there wouldn't be much point. However I have recently ordered a sheer kimono from a seller in China for summer/holidays which I will be sure to share in an upcoming haul post. Side note - Korean and Chinese sizes do always come up small so always order a size above your normal size.

How long do cheap brushes last with washing them and general use? 
Actually a surprisingly long time! The one thing that can go with cheaper brushes is that the metal ferrule can come loose from the wooden handle especially with washing the brush over time but if it does come apart simply glueing it back in with super glue will do the job. I've yet to do this with a brush though and I own a lot of eBay brushes!

What if something arrives broken?
Arghhh that's the worst! I've only ever had this with a makeup brush that had damaged packaging and the brush had snapped in two, so clearly it had happened in transit. I contacted the international seller and included photos to prove the item was broken and received a refund the next day. However if the seller ignores you can open a case and eBay will decide. But my main tip is to give photographic proof! 

eBay items showed in image - Makeup Stickers £1.39, Mehndi phone case 99p, 3D nail decorations 99p, Color Switch Dupe £1.75, Rose Gold Oval Brush £2.96, Silver Brush £2.69, Set of 6 brushes £1.71, Sunglasses £1.95.

 If you have any eBay related questions just pop them in the comments and I will answer them! 

Fee xo.

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