My Regrets in 6 Years of Blogging


I'm not really one for regrets so this post kind of doesn't make much sense! However I think we all get thoughts that pop into our head that in hindsight we would have done differently - these are those. 

My 'blogger regrets' haven't really affected my blogging as a whole but along the way some of my choices hindered things and I know they could definitely help a few newbie bloggers! So here are my 'regrets' when it comes to blogging. 

Not getting more professional earlier on 
When I first started Makeup Savvy back in February, 2010 it was purely a hobby after blogging about interiors and soon getting bored from the lack of community and interaction. But within six months to a year of beauty blogging I knew it was different and something that I could grow. I didn't know exactly what I could grow it into but looking back now I wish I had my head screwed on a bit more to snap up that £6.00 domain sooner, get my head around tax and paying for a good blog design instead of days of html headaches. Though these things haven't hindered me as such I feel my blogging journey could have come with a few less headaches if I'd have been a bit more proactive when I started to see the potential of my blog!

Thinking it was quantity over quality
For years and years I was more concerned with how many times I was blogging per week than the quality of my posts. I think this is something most bloggers get sucked into as we see a high percentage of fellow bloggers updating their blog on a daily basis, if not twice daily! This trap of rushing content has seen me blog 6 times a week and yes, I even went for blogging twice a day at one point in aid to increase pageviews and interaction on my blog. So did it work? Nope! Of course it may work for some but I found as I blogged more about offers, the nail polish I was wearing that day and similar throw-away posts I was receiving less and less comments and eventually page views. I've now taken my foot off the gas and write 3-4 times a week and take much more time over my posts, from the photography to structuring my post more. My page views may have settled off now with more loyal readers (which I'm fine with!) but they are higher than the days of blogging 6 times a week and I've now found my groove.

Apologising for not blogging
Arghh, this is annoying one! Why do us bloggers do it? NO ONE CARE! Okay, maybe if I disappeared from blogging for 2 months a few of you would start to notice but if I miss a few posts here and there or even take a break from blogging for a week, you get it! Everyone has life stuff to deal with or even enjoy, whether that's family stuff of the good and bad kind, a rubbish cold that leaves you wanting to hibernate in bed or you simply don't want to waste a sunny weekend by being indoors typing away. As you can see I now totally get it and if some weeks I post only 2 blog posts because of, well whatever, I now don't apologise for my absence, I just don't mention it! If you're a fellow blogger that keeps on falling into this apologetic trap and feeling quality for taking time out then simply remember that your readers read more than one blog (probably 50, tbh) and it's really not a big deal to them... they probably don't even notice!

Being won over by PR samples 
Over the years I've been lucky enough to receive quite a high number of PR samples and some with pretty much unrelated gifts - i.e blogging bribery! At first as I was relatively new to beauty blogging and receiving essentially free products I was excited. I was amazed I was 'worthy' of being sent PR samples that I would always make sure to review them and 9 times out of 10 with a glowing review. Of course this is now a regret as I blog to inform readers of products worth buying and not to please PR companies. These days though I'm still grateful for receiving PR samples and being kept in the loop of new launches and brands I'm realistic and only include products that really deserve mentioning after weeks of trying them out. Gone are the days I include PR samples after numerous emails from the PR company asking when a review will be up. Gone are the days I instantly share new products on my social media due to receiving extra unrelated free gifts and certainly gone are the days I risk you spending your well earned money on a products that aren't all that. 

Hope you've enjoyed this honest post! 

If you're a fellow blogger then certainly feel free to do a similar post on your own blog - I'd love to read it! 

Fee xo.

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