eBay Bargains #48 - Summer Ready


As summer is here and I'm longing for a beach holiday I thought I'd scour eBay for some fabulous yet bargainous summer finds. I've found so many bargain that I love and hope you love too!

Tribal Style Statement Necklace - £3.96 HERE 
eBay is a great place to find some amazing but cheap statement jewellery and this tribal bib necklace is one of my recent favourite finds. This would be something you'd expect to pick up in Topshop for around £15 with all the detail and weight to it. Totally love it!

Tropical Silicone Phone Case (T19) - £1.19 HERE 
I love a good phone case and you seriously can't go wrong with ones on eBay - I have 6 now! I love the design to this as it's perfect for summer and that it's silicone making it easy to take on and off when you want to switch covers, it also doesn't add any bulk to the phone. So many other amazing designs in the listing ideal for summer.

Handmade Natural Dreamcatcher - £2.53 HERE 
I've not had a dreamcatcher since I was 13 but with bohemian style coming back I keep seeing them more and more and now like the idea of having one by a window. I've never loved anything overly colourful or decorated so this one is perfect! 

Rose Gold Mirror Designer Style Sunglasses - £3.99 HERE 
I recently bought a pair of designer style sunglasses from eBay for around £2-3 and I was impressed with the quality of them (I will share them in my upcoming monthly eBay haul!) so I've decided I need a few more pairs! These of course are styled on much more expensive sunglasses but at a snip of the price - love them!

Tropical Palm & Feather Nail Decals - 99p HERE 
Come hot summer days white nails are my favourite but to add an even summery vibe I've found these easy to use water nail decals that last as long as your nail polish lasts! The sheet contains a range of designs from single palm trees to delicate feathers all in a tropical gradient orange/pink shade. You can also find the decals in black to use against any colour of nails in the listing.

Fruit Seat Pad Cushions - £2.49 HERE 
How cute are these! Perfect for outside in summer for extra seats or thrown onto outdoor furniture. These are super cute and fun. I'll be definitely picking up the watermelon, passion fruit and kiwi designs!

Mandala Tapestry Round Towel/Mat - £10.99 HERE 
Lastly a bit more of a pricey item but one I've been seeing all over social media recently. These round mats are perfect to use on the beach, as rugs or even for yoga. I also can't help but think it would also love good as a sofa throw or beach wrap, just so many uses! Love, love, love! 

Hope you've found a few bargain items here! 

Fee xo. 
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