Introducing The Aveeno Inside & Oat Challenge


I was recently contacted by Aveeno and asked to take part in their Inside & Oat skincare and lifestyle challenge and as I already use the brand and I'm all for improving my diet, skin and health I said yes! 

Aveeno have armed me with a whole range of their products plus healthy foods along with bespoke healthy skincare and lifestyle plans to guide me through my week long challenge. This means I will be taking my everyday skincare more seriously, trying out new recipes and even trying out a new workout routine. And then sharing how I found it all and the results with you! 

Below are a few more details on my week ahead and what I will be trying out... 



As I mentioned I do already use Aveeno products, in particular the Daily Moisturising Lotion that's fragrance-free, which I really do rate! But over the course of the week I will be trying out a lot more of their products and adopting a daily moisturising routine... something I only seem to do whilst on holiday in the sun! 

Already through having a read of my skincare plan set out by Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Shefalo Rajpopat I know I will pick up a few more healthy tips when it comes to looking after my skin and hopefully I can improve a few problem areas such as the small spots I have to my arms and my constantly dry and often sore feet due to a circulation condition I have - maybe finally I will get into a good skincare routine! 



On to the food side of my plan that was developed by alkaline chef and founder of Honestly Healthy, Natasha Corrett, I've been armed with a range of cupboard ingredients from spices to a few good fat butters and oils plus I've done a bit of fresh food shopping of my own for my healthy week of eating. 

Over the past 6 weeks I've actually been on my own healthy eating regime to improve my health and to aid weight loss and so far so good... however I've eager to try more plant-based recipes and hopefully finally fall in love with avocado and get the hype! Along with a good skincare routine I'm really looking forward to seeing the overall results after only a week. 

A taste of the recipes I will be trying out that I will share with you next Monday - Creamy Cashew Porridge (already tried this and just mmmm!), Avocado butter on rice cakes, Butternut Curry and Chickpea Oat Burgers. 

I really can't wait to share my #AveenoInsideandOat results with you next week plus lots of skincare tips and delicious healthy recipes! 

Fee xo. 

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with Aveeno* 

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