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With Summer just around the corner thoughts, or should I say daydreams, turn to mini breaks away and serene beach holidays. Over the years I've learnt that some beauty items when travelling are best travel size due to space and just in case they ever got lost. 

Aside from skincare and toiletries that I always decant into travel size bottles, makeup brushes also get slim lined with a new travel set to use while I'm away. Below are three budget sets that are all perfect to travel with and for the prices are all really great quality. 


6 Piece Bamboo Travel Set - £1.70 eBay here 
I mentioned this brush set only last week in an eBay haul but as I've been so pleased with the set for the price I just had to include it in this post. For only £1.70 you receive 6 good quality bamboo travel brushes that are ideal to be used on the eyes and for concealing with. All brushes are incredibly soft, cut well and with strong sturdy handles which is pretty amazing for the price. 

This little set really could cover you for eyes, brows and concealer making it a really great set if you want to travel light.


So Eco Eye Brush Kit - £12.50 Makeup Brushes here 
On to another bamboo style set here that comes with it's own brush wrap. Included in the set is an eye shading brush, angled eyeliner brush, fine liner, eyebrow comb and mascara spoolie. Instantly the set reminded me of Eco Tools but slightly better value! Though I don't think a spoolie is needed for a travel set like this the rest of the brushes are amazing quality with soft yet durable bristles. This will definitely be a set I take away with me but include a few of the above bamboo brushes from eBay in the canvas wrap.

UBU Smokey Eye Brush Kit - £6.00 Asda in-store  
Lastly I thought I'd include a travel set that can be easily picked up as it's easy to leave holiday shopping until the last minute! This is again an eye set however it could be used for the eyes, eyebrows and for concealing with. Firstly I love the rose gold touches to the brushes and vibrant bristles - something quirky and unique! I also love that the handles are slightly weighted making them sit well in the hand and feel really good quality. At £2.00 a brush these are just excellent value! I'd also recommend checking out Superdrug for the Makeup Revolution Mini Brush Set which include 4 brushes for only £4.95. 

If you are lucky enough to be travelling this summer then I hope you've found a new little brush set to try out and save on room! 

Fee xo. 

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