Candle Belle May Mega Melt Box - Scents To See You Through Summer!


Last month I shared with you my first ever Candle Belle Mega Melt Box that I'm still enjoying. But at the start of the week May's box landed on my doormat for me to get stuck into and I was so pleased to see so many amazing spring/summer scent to try out. 

If you are new to Candle Belle as a brand think of a wax mega melt like the Yankee Candle wax tarts, but bigger and in handy plastic tubs! A quarter of a melt is placed in an oil/wax burner and melted to release a long lasting fragrance with an incredible scent throw. The mega melt box is a monthly subscription for £11.00 (here) and includes 9 pre-selected melts or for a little more, £12.50 (here) you can buy a one off box of 9 melts and select your own scents! You can also pick up individual mega wax melts for £2.00 each here.

Below are the mega melts you will find in the May Candle Belle box along with my thoughts on all the scents...


Raspberry Ripple - Okay, so I had to put my favourite EVER scent from Candle Belle first! I swear I've literally had this under my nose for over 5 minutes as I typed this post. The scent of this is so true to a raspberry ripple sundae with a sweet raspberry scent mixed with vanilla ice-cream. On sunny hot days this will be straight in my burner.

Home Sweet Home - This scent reminds me of a gift/interior shop... yes, that does sound a little strange but it has that warm cinnamon and clove scent that's so inviting. It also has notes of freshly brewed tea and rose that I definitely can pick up on. I've already put this aside as my melt to burn when I have guests as I know it will make my house smell amazing.

Red Delicious - When melts are so true to scent they smell exactly like the real thing I'm impressed and this certainly smells exactly like a fresh red golden delicious apple. Having said that, it isn't my most favourite scent from the box but one I can't stop smelling because I can't believe how spot on Candle Belle got it. If you love juicy apples you will be amazed at this scent.

Vanilla Chai - Vanilla Chai isn't a scent I've ever smelt before so I can't really comment too much of this melt. It is fairly subtle though with a mix of creamy vanilla and a hint of ginger.

Loving Spell - A perfume based scent here that has interesting notes of sweet mandarin, bergomot and tangerine with a musk edge. This is sadly not for me as it's slightly too heady and reminds me more of a fragrance you would wear rather than burn.

Baby Powder - Love the smell of a freshly talcum powder babies bum? Strangest question ever maybe, but this is the scent made into a wax melt! This is another scent I'm just so impressed by as Candle Belle has the scent spot on here - a perfect combination of velvety musk and powdery sweetness.

Lemon Meringue - Another favourite scent that I can't stop inhaling and will be burning asap. This again smells so true to scent and actually combines a true lemon scent with the buttery crust of a lemon meringue pie. If this could be made into a fragrance I would wear it all through summer as it's just delicious!

French Lavender - This is a scent I can't make my mind up about as it's a twist of the classic lavender scent with subtle notes of pine and eucalyptus but I know this will make such a relaxing scent to burn before bed. Actually so much so that I'm planning to buy another burner to place next to my bed so I can burn this scent before sleep. Not a melt I would have thought to pick up but I do find lavender very relaxing.

Balmy Beaches - Mmmm this is just the most perfect scent for the summer months. The scent of this smells like sweet orange flower in a warm breeze and instantly makes me think of somewhere warm and lush like the Bahamas. Another scent I keep on having a sniff of and can't wait to try out in my burner. 

My favourite scents from this box have to be - Raspberry Ripple, Lemon Meringue, Balmy Beaches and Home Sweet Home... oh and Baby Powder! If you are in to trying out lots of different scents then the Mega Melt Subscription box is for you but if you know you want to try certain scents (from the 55 flavours!) then I'd highly recommend that £1.50 extra spend to select your own and make up your own custom box for £12.50 here

Off to burn the Raspberry Ripple wax melt now! 

Fee xo.

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